WHY DO WOMEN HATE? ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


Why do women hate?  Why do they hate men?  Why do they hate other women?  Why?

Recently, with the controversy about Kavanaugh, I saw and still see so much hate from women.

I see women, make one man, the poster boy for hate.  An object of hate.

I saw them saying things like “believe the victim”.  And you know, I do believe the victim.

But I don’t believe in making anybody an object of hate. In being an accuser.  Or lying.

Or pouring my hurt into someone else, by destroying their character or reputation.  We saw that.  

I see women knocking other women, yet complaining if they are attacked in the same way.  I see women, being very jealous, catty, never seeing the good in other women.  

I saw that when I worked in the business world.  Men were nice, but women, were very competitive mean, and hard to get a long with.  

I have seen that as well from just women in ministry, in the church, and maybe thats why I only consider a couple of women friends, because they don’t play that game.  Or at least not displaying it.  

I grew up, seeing hate.  From my own mama.  I could not understand it.  But I kind of do understand it now.  And God bless my mama, but she was also a victim.   The sad thing is she never did overcome it.  And I vowed to not be that way.  To me that is a curse.  I don’t want curses in my life.  

So I have sought the Lord in all matters including that.  I am not a victim, but I am victorious in Christ, and I will share more later in this.  About that. 

See, growing up, I was also a victim, of different things, and I won’t go into details.  So I could have hated.  But sometimes I see, just how dumb I was.  How trusting I was.  How naive I was.  How desperate I was.  I don’t like saying that, but I did not have any outlets.  

Since, my mother was a hater, yet loved me, she tried to control me.  I did not do well with that.  I rebelled. And instead of finding my way, I made myself vulnerable to wolves.  Men.  Evil men.  Or men, boys, who could not even figure things out for themselves.

Yes, I could have hated men.  I could have even hated my mother. But I did not.   Life has not been easy for me, in many ways.  Even with having successes.  But I don’t hate.  I don’t even hate myself.  And I can easily say here, many times, I was my worse enemy.  But I don’t hate myself.  

I could probably write a book about this, and why women hate.  But I have also learned, people are not running to go and buy my books.  That I have poured my heart into.  Already….And thats o.k.  I have accepted my situation.  If God changes that, well thats different.  

But I have known some women in the literary world.  Who have connections in publishing.  Or even ministries.  And they won’t lift one finger to help me.   Even women, that say I minister to them, they won’t even share my posts.  And some called me friend.  Yeah right.  Sorry if I sound bitter, but its true, women have not been my friend, in Christ, or a help.

And my motivation has changed sometime ago.  I am not writing for money.  I am not writing for my glory.  I am writing for the glory of God, and you cannot put a price on that.  

Yet I see how valuable any wisdom is.  And if I can impart something even here, in a small blog post, for a woman, then maybe she can be set free.  To be a wise woman.  Especially a young woman, looking to find her way.  

Let me tell you when my life really changed.  When I stopped and I saw, that yes I believed in God.  But when I decided to do things His way, in holiness, and not walk the fence between the world and God, I found my way.  By repentance.  By seeking Holy King James word.  By prayer.  By seeing the traps the devil tried to put in front of me, with temptation.  Even from other men, after I was married.  And I saw, I had to run from sin.

Sin will destroy you, blind you.  Even in the name of love.  Thats why I guess some women hate men, because perhaps a man they loved, burned them.  Burned them bad.  And they loved that man.  

But what I have learned, is that if a man truly loves you.  He will honor you.  He will wait till marriage.  Women, don’t understand that all is not fair in love and war.  If you give yourself to a man, he will take what he wants.  

Then, what women think and don’t know, they have given the most important part of themselves to the man, and even if he loves you, he looks at you differently, you are no longer a challenge.  He will even think about you doing what you did with him, with other men.  What a turn off.  He defeated you, he disarmed you by taking your sexuality.  He may even begin to hate you.  

I learned that from different men.  

But holiness, in Christ, is your greatest weapon, and will not cause you to hate.  For, what I learned from God, is to honor myself, and to repent of sin.  I learned, to submit to God.  I learned that a good woman, does not hate.  She does not blame others.  For her own mistakes.  She picks herself up, takes a bath, and cleanses herself by repenting seeking God, and loving Gods way.

Which is holy.

Long story short, I have a wonderful husband of over 30 years.  We waited till after marriage. To consume our marriage.  We did not take what we were not supposed to.   We honored God in this.  I told my husband before we got married, I wanted to do things Gods way.  He listened, he agreed.  I know that I know that is my “secret” to true love, and living happily ever after. 

I watched myself, did not fall into traps, and well, we have a fruitful marriage in Christ.  I don’t blame my past on anybody, and I don’t hate anybody even now.

Hate is ugly.  I don’t hate women.   And yes there are always more lovelier, more successful then me, even in the body of Christ, but thats o.k.  I take what God has taught me, I try to share it and I try to share it in love.

Some can take it or leave it.  I don’t really care.  To get angry or hateful, or mean about it. Just hurts yourself.  And I am not into afflicting myself. Or nobody else.  For that matter. It will stop the plans God has for you.  

I just learned, probably the hard way.  Love never fails.  And you don’t want that poison of hate in your soul.  

Be careful with these movements, that want to make men equals.  

Don’t forget God did create Adam before Eve.  Don’t forget, that she was the one that caused Adam to sin, by listening to the devil.  Don’t forget, that you don’t listen to the devil.  Listen to what God says.  Obey Him, obey God, I tell you, it will steer your life in the right direction. 

Hope this helps some body.  

Blessings, in Christ,

Elena Ramirez  


A SECRET TO FAITH IS TO BE FAITHFUL ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez



People, don’t get it, they do not understand how important faithfulness is to God.  Or how important it is for their own growth.  

They go through the motions, they go through the religion, the traditions, the rituals, the motions, that religion teaches.  Some even think its like magic, and how wrong they are to even make that comparison.  

But they do not understand it comes with a discipline, to have faith.  It is a matter of the heart. To understand what Christ did for us on that cross. To get faith.    

I wrote my book “How to Have Faith” and I really have learned how important my faith is in God.

So much so, that I know, I would have not come this far, if I had not had faith in God.

Well, here is a secret, I will just tell you here….  

But if you are dealing with trying to know God, trying to obey God, trying to even have faith….

Then be faithful, to make the commitment, to God, to your family, to your country, to truth, to love, and that means all people.  The hurting, the broken, our world needs compassion.  

To see, your heart needs that change but it requires the commitment.  People cannot treat God, and country, and their families as disposable, and go on to the next best thing.   And think they will produce faith.  No you won’t reap that, or produce that.  

Thats not being faithful.  In Gods eyes, that is idolatry, that is disobedience, and that is sin.  And it brings a curse.

Oh sweet repentance.

We all need to do that.  But if you cannot see, with eyes to be faithful for that which is really true, including a King James Bible.  What are you faithful to?

I see you are deceived.  Just what the enemy wants to do in each and every one of our lives.  Don’t be blind, when faith can cure the problems, we have in our world. Your problems. Because God is on the throne!

To begin being faithful.  Speak Gods word.  Speak Gods promises.  Be committed to disciplining yourself.  Keep doing that.  

Yes, temptations come.  But with God there is a way out.

Being faithful, to God, your mate, your family, your country, will produce faith in your life.  Be faithful to that which is good in the sight of God.  Don’t fool yourself He sees!

What will happen, is as you begin to be faithful.  Your faith will kick in, when it is needed.  Because life happens.  But if you don’t do this, what will you have to rely on when situations occur?  This will strengthen you.  You won’t freak out.  So get the mindset to be faithful.  

But here is a thought, prevent the bad of life, by faith!  My goodness, pray, God can turn anything around.    

It is a secret.  Yes, I give all my principles in my book, but I cannot give my own livelihood away, without making God first priority.  And I am committed to be faithful.  To God, and my family, and my beautiful country.  Before making money.  

It is one of the most important attributes we can have.  Because it will produce loyalty, and loyalty to God, means you are faithful.  You have faith.

Its a secret, as simple as it sounds. For faith…. Be faithful.



By Elena Ramirez 



I really feel led here to document my thoughts to Anne Graham Lotz, and her call for the body of Christ to pray, because we are in end times, and because of Gods judgment.   I do it here on my blog.  Because it needs to be shouted out!  I cannot contain this truth.

I am not disputing her or looking for an argument that we all will be judged.  What I pray, that she would see, especially because of her lineage, being Billy Grahams daughter, that the body of Christ, and its leaders will be judged first.  And she can make a difference.  People would listen to her.

I really feel in my heart, and by a prompting by God, that we are in dangerous times, and a place, that when we use unholy bibles, that have been corrupted.  That deception comes in.  That the holiness is taken out, when people put their hands on Gods holy word, and change it.

The argument, is that the Bible has been changed throughout times.  Yet, no one sees the many warnings, to not do that.

Many of you know my stance on this.  Many do not agree.  Many do.  And I just want to document these thoughts, to bring it to her attention.  To bring it to the attention of the body of Christ.

I have known this truth for a few years, when I first saw the discrepancies.  In bibles.  My spiritual eyes were opened.  The spirit of confusion left me.  And I know that because I obeyed God, and when I did, I began to understand scripture by the Holy Spirit.  It was no longer a struggle, to know Gods word.

I can only “try” and be obedient to God.  By bringing this to your attention and hers.  I don’t know if she reads peoples comments, or not, or she cares, or if anybody cares.  But I care what God thinks.  I pray that she does see this.  I pray, someone would even bring it to her attention.

I care, what pleases God, in obedience.  I cannot get in strife with anyone over this, but I will with what I can, in my own natural ability, with help from the Holy Spirit, to be led, to speak this truth.  Wherever God leads me.

And I feel led to document my own thoughts here, for the sake of reinforcing, this truth.  To those who have ears, hear.  These are my thoughts.  I just want the record to stand as it is.  For the most part of my thoughts…

Even as it is documented in heaven.  God knows.  We cannot change something, and think he does not see.  He does.  He sees it all, and I really believe it grieves Him.  When the deception tries to come in.

And….As Gods holy word the King James Bible stands for itself, in its truth.  By its own merit.  As God is my witness, I present this to you:

I agree, that God will judge. I appreciate your lineage, and who you are in Christ. But I have to add, that God is going to judge the body of Christ, and the leaders. We have a responsibility, in even the Bibles we choose. To bring word. Please don’t dismiss me, or my thoughts on this. I really sense and have heard God on this. That He is very displeased, that the body of Christ has not taken His warnings, in fear of Him, to obey Him, in this matter.

There are many scriptures that warn us not to change, add, delete, His Holy word. When they did, they “corrupted” the holy word of God, and took away the anointing. Christians are using rubber swords. Christ is the living bread, but there is mold on the bread that is served in His name. Christ would not serve us junk food. But we use, and share, scripture that has mold on it.

We will be judged, first. I believe, because many have distorted and watered down gospel. You could make a difference. You could warn many in the body of Christ how important it is to obey God in this matter. I am not trying to debate with you or anyone. Truth stands on its own merit.

The King James, has been established for 400 years. The words of the Lord are pure words….Preserved. Psalms 12:6-7. But it has been established in Heaven first. In His Kingdom, and it is not o.k. to use these distorted versions. That is a lie right out of hell.

If we do not see, the discrepancies, of missing scriptures, content changed, and disobedience in this, yes we will be judged. People do not have fear of God in this matter. They don’t. And that is the beginning of wisdom.

But I don’t want to be counted with the liars, that Proverbs 30:5-6 warns us about. I don’t want to be one of those that have corrupted word, but to speak truth, as II Corinthians 2:17 tells us about. In fear of God, I tell you this, because Revelation 22:18-19 warns us that one could lose their right to the Holy city, which tells me salvations could be lost and the things they want from a Bible they will not get. I ask you to read these scriptures from a King James. The warnings are there. We will all be judged.

Then this woman wanted to debate me, very rudely I might add, and said, it was because of false doctrine.  

This was my response:

I am not going to debate this with you. I will not deny the many warnings God has given us. I have done my research, and in fear of God, I see the discrepencies. The false doctrine, comes from the corrupted bible versions. Have a nice day.

Again a rebuttal from this person and I respond:

I have obeyed God in this, I have presented the truth to Ann Graham Lotz, and I have nothing further to add to your thought, or to others, debating me on this. I am not going to get into strife with anyone over this…. Or your thoughts, to denote my love for Christ in serving Him. I am His servant. As I said, truth stands on its own merit.

Let me just clarify this, the King James Bible is not a version. I leave this conversation, praying, seed was planted to awaken people, to see, that enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Christ came that we “might” have life, and life abundantly.

If we have no fear of God in this matter, even concerning His holy word, those who deny truth, are deceived. The blind leading the blind, will fall in a ditch. That is scriptural. But maybe you never saw that, in one of those watered down versions, that denies Christ. Or that takes away His deity, in just a mere compromising of words. Maybe you never saw the many warnings. Not to change word. Or add to it, or delete it. But I plead with you for your soul. Get a King James Bible, for the anointing, and holiness, that only that Bible offers. I plead with all of you, before Christ returns.  

Another rude thought from this person, and I closed with this scripture:  


Thank you for your considerations and attention to read this, and if you can please share it, and with Anne Graham Lotz.  

In obedience to Christ, and in His love, that comes from His cross.  Elena Ramirez


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.  Psalm 97:11

So many people, so want to know what the future holds, that they may even do something, that God does not want them to do, and that is seeking ungodly counsel.  Taking them, further, and further into darkness.

It is true, that we do not know what the future holds.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  But the key is knowing God knows.  And God can guide a person.

But, anyone, who seeks ungodly counsel, by going to fortune tellers, or reading cards, or trusting in astrology etc.  Is asking for trouble.  They are asking, for God to get upset, and when He gets upset, His spirit, of protection can depart from a person.  Saul was an example of that.

The Bible tells us, about him, and other examples.  But it also tells us, that people perish, for lack of vision.  That can include Christians who think they are Christians, but are not walking in the light of Gods word.  Yes, Gods word, is that light.  Gods word, brings understanding, by the Holy Spirit, to have vision.  To have light.

We don’t have to be in darkness, concerning the future.  Concerning, our futures, concerning, guidance, or insight.  When one is walking in darkness, fear can overwhelm them.  People have fear, because the future, is not clear.  But, when you trust God, and your faith grows, by His word, you can have a sense of well being.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  II Timothy 1:7

God, by His Holy Spirit, can speak to you to guide you.  To give you vision.  The Bible tells us people perish, because they do not have vision.  But the reason why they do not have vision, is, because they do not keep Gods law.  They don’t read it, they don’t take it to heart.  They think they can do better without it.  They do not make time, or discipline themselves for it.  They have no fear of God, and that is a dangerous place to be.  They are miserable, and unhappy, because they do not know God, and what He says.  WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH, BUT HE THAT KEEPETH THE LAW, HAPPY IS HE.  PROVERBS 29:18.  Maybe you want to be happy?……

So many people, have gifts and callings, that are sitting dormant, because they do not activate them by God.  By His ways.  So they stay in darkness.  They are hidden, in darkness, because they do not seek the light.  If they only knew, without a doubt, in trust of God, that He was the only source to go to… The light of Gods word, His holy spirit, would show them, where to find them, how to cultivate those gifts, and to be prosperous, etc.  The eyes of your understanding, being enlighted; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.  Ephesians 1:18.  Even, here as I stopped, and looked in His word, He gave me this scripture for you.  Thats who He is, He will speak to your heart, by His spirit, by His word, to guide you.  He loves you, and me.  But, we must seek Him, we must call on Him.  We must pray.  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.  Jeremiah 33:3

But, to be honest, and I am learning myself, in this, is the motivation, has to be right.  So many people, have greed, as the incentive, to be successful, and really that is the wrong motivation.  I guess, I can say that, because I have learned, to make my relationship with God, the main goal.  He is a person.  Maybe you cannot see Him, but you can see His creation, His love, His plan, by the word of God, and by Christ coming to set us free, by going on the cross.  I am so grateful to God, and I long to love Him, more and more.

We grow, daily, from moment to moment, as Christians.  Christ said He was the vine, and we are the branches, when we seek Him, we grow.  We may not all be in the same place, but we grow.  But we have to remember, His word, is a light unto our path, a lamp unto our feet.

 One does not have to feel alone, or vague, or without, for that matter.  If you continually seek God.  If you discipline yourself, to find His ways.  Believing Him, trusting Him.

The other day, I just had this thought come to me, that I attribute to the Holy Spirit, and that is; “Trusting In God = Faith.”  Trusting Him produces faith.  But you have to go to the cross, with that trust.  It may be a mustard seed size, it could be a mountain size faith, it can give you hope.  You can have vision, and not be in darkness, as you trust God.  But you have to just make the determination, to let go, and trust God.  And let God.

Never, go to any other source but Him.  This is so important.  Depart from darkness dear one.  The devils intention is to keep you in darkness, so you will miss the plan God has for you.  But, as you walk in the light of Gods plan, no matter what may happen, you can have vision, you can have light.

Remember the story Christ gave, about the ten virgins, who had been waiting for the bride groom to return?  (Read Matthew 25:1-13)

Five, had oil, and five did not.  Five, stayed in darkness, and five had oil to find their way. The bridegroom returned for the virgins who had oil.  This is Christ.  He will return.  Will He find you in darkness, or in His light?  With your lamp, your spirit, filled with oil?  Reading Gods truth, His word, and praying, as you seek Him, is symbolic, to having oil.  To see, to have vision.

You do not have to stay in darkness dear one.  You can have vision, for your future.  Either way, whatever happens, you will have Christ, and that is the most comforting, reassuring, reliable source, for now, and for eternity.

Praying this inspires you.

Just my thoughts, with love in Christ,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…..

Father, how I pray, as your servant, to bring light, to a dark world.  To show people, the light.  To show them you.  To inspire people to think of you, and what your word says, and so it will go well with them, and yes, myself.  Lord, deliver us, and help us.  We walk in this world, with only a few keys in life, to get us through.  But those keys, your word, your truth, shines as a lamp truly onto our feet, and guides us.  Then we can have authority.  Then we can have the ability, to see, by what your word says.  Lord you are the way, the truth, and life.  I hope this inspires today.  I hope it brings someone out of darkness, to live, life abundantly.  Lord, I just know, I want to search the deeper things of who you are, and bring life, and light to the surface of who I am, but so others, can know you.  So their lives can change, and the glory, will all go to you my Lord.  Oh heavenly father, thank you for bringing me out of the darkness.  For I was there.  Without a clue, until I searched for you, but I will keep on.  I will keep on praying, and seeking you.  All my life.  In Jesus name.  Amen 








Isaiah 54:17


Do you know and claim this promise from God?  I know this is my heritage, for I am a servant, of the King of Kings.  And the righteousness I have is from him, not from me, or any source.  Glory to God.  For as I write this, I know, and pray, only God can do this, by his Holy Intervention.  I have seen him, in a few situations, make this scripture come to pass, by protecting me.  Lets look at it more closely.  To understand it, and to receive this, you must know in your heart, and more than anything, God knows, if you are his servant, either now, or in the future, but God knows, if you will be his.

I guess I can say this, because before, I made the total commitment, to serve God, and I walked in the ways of the world, he had protected me, many times.  You see, you might even be like me in the sense, you believed, but yet you did not.  You can see a greater power, yet, you may have not made the total commitment, to give your heart to Christ, and make him your savior.

I just feel like I need to interject here though, and tell you God loves you.  He loves you, even if you have not made the choice to make him savior.  He waits for you to do so, but either way, he loves you.  He wants to protect you, and make you feel safe.  He wants you to know, that he is there….That he is God.  So, as I write this….please know, how precious you are to God.

And, well to make my story somewhat short here, there were times, or I was in places, where, I could have really gotten into some deep trouble.  Before I gave my heart to him.  He protected  me, and no weapon formed against me, prospered. There were many instances, but one time, I recall distinctly, was when I was in my car.  And I was with my mother, and a truck hit another truck, that had a camper on it.  The camper shell flew off the truck, and I can still see it, twirling in the air, just like the witches house on the Wizard of Oz, and it landed right at the left corner, with a thud, on the ground, no more than an inch, from my car.  If it had come that extra inch, I think it could have killed us.  That was so odd.  But I knew then, it was God.

I use this scripture as reference, when it comes to health as well.  Sickness, is a weapon, the enemy will try and to use against you.  You need to know, we all need to know, what’s Gods word says.  His word, says, in this same Book of Isaiah 53:5.  BUT HE WAS WOUNDED FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, HE WAS BRUISED FOR OUR INIQUITIES THE CHASTISEMENT OF OUR PEACE AS UPON HIM AND BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED. Knowing that scripture, claiming it, in the promise of what it is, glory to God, has protected me as well from the sickness, that would have been a weapon against me.

When you pray, pray Gods word, for your situation.  Praying God’s word, brings results, and he honors his word, when we pray it.  Your heritage, as in the above scripture, is to condemn, words that come against you, from others, that may use words in judgment against you.  Maybe your in a situation where someone has said something not true about, you, and you are being judged, by their words.  Gods promise, is that you will condemn those words.  And they will not be a weapon against you.

So how do you do that?  You claim Gods word.  In all the promises of God.  His word, is alive, and is a two edged sword.  That will protect you.  Begin, learning his promises.  Claiming even here as a beginning, that no weapon formed against you will prosper. Because you are his child, and if you are not, I highly recommend that you seek God, and give your heart, to God through Jesus Christ, his son.  For he is the way, the truth and the life. Then you will be so assured, that the promises of God, are yours, for that will be your heritage.  Your righteousness, will be from God, and no other.

And as I remind you to use Gods word, to have has a tool, to protect yourself.  Remember, that it does make a difference, as to what Bible version you use.  The King James Bible, is anointed, where other Bible versions, have missing scriptures, and the content is changed.  You need an anointed word.  You do not want mold on living bread, or a rubber sword, to fight your enemy.  This is why the enemy has distorted the Bible, so you will not have all you need.  But you cannot believe, with a word that is not anointed.  Read Psalms 12:6-7, Proverbs 30:5-6, and yes Revelation 22:18-19.  This last scripture warns salvation can be lost.  So believe by the King James Bible.   

That is how we know, that Gods word, works for us, when we believe.  And not give up on him or his promises.  Because we have made the commitment, to serve God, to obey, to turn from sin.  To seek his word, to learn to know, his truths.  Thats when we can be sure, no weapon formed against us will prosper.  And every word that is spoken against us, we will condemn.  Thats our heritage again…..Poverty, sickness, false witnesses, death, those are curses, that we do not have to accept.

Our heritage is from God, we are his children, and because of that, heritage, we are blessed.  I pray, you will get to that point, and claim that for yourself.

If you are interested, in saying the Prayer of Salvation, my link is below.

Just my thoughts, and in Gods love, know you are loved.  Elena Ramirez

p.s. Just as an after thought, but recently, I got into an argument, with someone, who was claiming to be a Christian, but this person, was not displaying “love” or Christ like traits.  The conversation from her side, was not honest.  It was deceptive.  And I won’t get into all the details.  But, She began using the word of God against me, and I just told her straight out, that “no weapon formed against me would prosper.”  That I was a child of the most high God, and that I had my armor on, and it was light, and not darkness.  You see, I know this is my heritage.  And I knew her fruit, was counterfeit, and that of a liar.  After that, she stopped writing, and arguing with me.  The point is in this, is that, you have to know who you are.  There are many times, people will pose as Christians but they are not.  And even if they are not, and you know it, you need to know who you are in Christ.  The power, is in speaking the words.  Gods word.  In love, and in your own defense.  I speak, that no weapon formed against me will prosper, and I believe it.  And this was evidence, that it stopped the attack of the enemy.  Gods word does that, I plead the blood of Jesus, that is why no weapon formed against me will prosper.  Because I know the power is in the blood, of my Lord Jesus, that was shed for me.  Gods word is truly a two-edged sword, and it is alive.  It will cut.  So use all of it, and use it in love.  Know your weapon.  Know Gods word.  Knowing, this is what God gives you to fight the enemies of your life.

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I thank you for your word, I thank you that no weapon formed against me will prosper, and that every tongue that comes against me, I will condemn….Your promises, are true, and even in this word, I have seen your promises working on my behalf, protecting me, from words, used against me, and just in situations, where I had no control over.  You have covered me, with your protection, and I thank you, and pray you continue to do so.  But, I pray, I continue to serve you rightly, and in your truth, not my ways, but yours.  Lord, I love your word, and I thank you that it teaches me, and guides me, comforts me, and changes me to be the person, I can be in Christ.  Because this is my heritage.  How wonderful, thank you Lord, for showing me, who I can be in you.  Through Jesus Christ, your son, I am transformed.  Into your righteousness, that is of you….my Lord. In Jesus name, amen

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.Elena Ramirez Prayer of God Ministries.

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Prayer Of Salvation

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