“MY TESTIMONY” by Elena Ramirez 


Where do I start?….It is a process, from one step to the next.  And I can see, the progress I have made.

Well it has been about 30 years, since I truly gave my heart to God, and I have not turned  back.  I guess, I could go way back into my childhood, but I really came to know the Lord, when I was at the bottom of the barrel. I guess we all have been there, at one time or another. Where we are searching for love, and answers, but our life, is dry and empty, and there is no one or anything, that can fill that void. Well, that is where God found me. And I will repeat, that is where he found me. I believed in God, but like the word says, even the devils believe. And, I suppose I was close to being that. God forbade that, and I thank him.

I believed in God, but I did not keep his commandments. I felt like, I walked the fence when it came to being obedient, and serving him. Yes, I knew of him, but I did not know him. I did not come to that place, until, I totally submitted to him, and yes, that meant to his commandments. Keeping them close to my heart, and reading and learning his word.

I have to add here, that once, before the true commitment, to Christ, I had a near death experience. This is one thing, God used to open my eyes.  My spiritual eyes.  I was getting high, and I won’t say with what.  But, I had a vision of hell.  And I saw satan rise, and I saw what I was headed for.  You see, I believed in God, but I did not have a relationship with him.  After that, I turned my life, over to Christ.  And Christ, has extended love to me.  Forgiveness of my sins.  I was so very lonely, when I did this stupid thing, and yes it is stupid, to take drugs.  For many times, we take things, or do things, to numb the pain.  From our emotions.  But God does not want to do things like that.  He wants us to fill our hearts with his love.  His word!

One day, I walked into a Christian book store. (The Bread Store~Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Denver, Colorado) I was searching. For what I do not know, but God knew. There in the middle of a table stood a book propped up. I stopped to look at it, with its beautiful leather cover, and then the title of the book stood out to me.


That was just the jolt I needed….You see, my name is not very common. I thought, well, there are other books like that, with other peoples names, and I searched, around. But there it was all alone, and I took a few moments to gather my composure, as I searched it. That book, and it’s contents stared at me, and truly spoke to my heart. Within the book itself, were chapters, and they related to prayer, health in knowing God’s word, and about Salvation. Each chapter, with it’s verses, spoke in a personal way, with my name in each verse. For an example…For God so loved the world, “Elena”, that he gave his only begotten son. For you “Elena”, and for whosoever will believe in him, would not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16… I have called thee by name, “Elena” thou art mine. Isaiah 43:1

WOW…God spoke to me.  He used a book, to talk to me, to call me by name.  So, I knew, it was Him.  

That personalized it very much for me. And to home, and heart it took. That was just the beginning… ever since then, he has led me, and guided my life. Things are not always perfect, but I know where to go… I go, to God, who is perfect, and who guides my life. It really is about surrendering, and submitting to him.

My life has changed, and has come to a full circle in many ways. Before I was born, my father, prayed for a child, and my mother, was not able to conceive. According to doctors. But, here I am, and now my life, is about prayer. I guess dear Dad was an inspiration for prayer. After all, after he prayed for me, I was conceived. That is a testimony to me, that is very personal.

I know God answers prayer. I have seen him do things, that may not be realistic, or that seems impossible. Or may totally seem illogical. But his ways, are not our ways, and I accept that. He is a soverign God, but oh so good and kind, and merciful. Daily, my relationship grows and changes with him, and I know, he is able to do far and above what I could even think or know….That is where faith comes in. That also grows. It has to, to be renewed in my hope of him.

Since I am writing as a testimony, I feel led to share one more example, and that was a couple of years ago, I got a bad doctors report.  And I prayed.  I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.  And I would pray the word of God. Jeremiah 17:14 was one of those scriptures I prayed.

 It says: Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise. (‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17‬:‭14‬ KJV)

And how true it is.  For he healed me, saved me and even here as a testimony, I will only give God almighty praise for this.  Because after that, I did get a clean doctors report.

And there are so many more testimonies.  Because God  has been so good to me.  I know, that I know, there is a God.  And he lives in my heart.  I just want to be a reflection of that, as a testimony.  I guess, that is why I like writing all the commentaries, my Prayer of Hope devotionals, poetry, and the Lords affirmations.  And now from my desk, this new format, of blogging.  And encouraging you to write.  Who would have guessed?  And I still pray God will open a door for me, because I do love serving him, in this capacity.

I have served God, at a Christian television station, at church, and now in my own ministry. I have a love, for people, that only Jesus could give me. Which surprises me, because people were not always kind to me. But, only God can change from within, to bear fruit in him.

I have written a book, and I self published it entitled: ” A Book Of Remembrance. ” 365 Days to a Personal Relationship with God. It is a daily journal, with prayer, and scripture.

I want to encourage you. Do not give up, on your hopes and your dreams, God has a plan for you…and if you give your life to him, he will make a way, where there does not seem to be a way. He can do so much for you, if you trust him. It really is the beginning to faith..

Feel free to write me, and I will pray for you, if you do not know how to get to that place. God bless you, and remember you are “special” in the ways of the Lord.

There is a clue there for you, if you look for it. Remember to write to me. I will pray for you, and will go to the throne of our Lord, with you, in a prayer of agreement.

Click here for prayer.

God loves you….with love, in Christ Elena

4 thoughts on “ELENA’S TESTIMONY

  1. I am so thrilled with this…not only can I get to know you better, but also, I can be encouraged by reading your blog. I have read and listened to many testimonies in the 20 years I have walked with The Lord Elena, but this one made my heart skip a beat. How exciting to read how The Lord called you. I look forward to building our relationship in The Lord as He receives all the glory. Bless You my new sister. (Not really new…just met a sister that has been 20 years for me waiting to meet)
    May The Lord Bless You and what He is doing in and through you. 3>

    • Thanks sis Linda, for reading my testimony, and your kind words. I feel encouraged by our friendship too. I sense an understanding of you by the Holy Spirit, so that is such a blessing. I do pray, our friendship will continue to grow, and I just thank you again. I feel humbled. Blessings. Have a wonderful one. And know, I pray for you too. And with what you shared with me. God is able. Miracles can happen. Love ya. Elena

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