February’s Moments of Love and Inspiration Quotes

I just love those sweet reminders, those bursts of inspiration, the dear Lord gives me. By His Holy Spirit…..Sweet peace, and serenity, a sense of appreciation. I can only refer it to love. Because, it fills my heart, to know, all things are Possible with God. I never, want to go back to unbelieving….boring.

Paradise, can be a state of mind, as we seek the Kingdom, of God, and His righteousness.  Sure, your environment, can lack, in some areas.  Believe me, I know, being home bound, due to this snowy weather, can cause cabin fever, etc.  But, as I search for God, and the beauty of He is, even though, my resources are limited, right now.  I know, that can change, because of God.  Because of who He is.  Since, He created heaven, and earth, I know, He can create a change for me.  As I seek His Kingdom…..

God is the creator, of heaven and earth, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Can you imagine, how busy God must be? But even though He is busy, he says “call on me”….Jeremiah 33:3. By Jesus I realize, I can have access to call Him. So, I call Him abba Father. Many call Him daddy. I just know this, sometimes, you have to call your Father, just to start the conversation. Kings are busy…..but He will make time for you, if you just seek Him.

Every day, is a new day, and today, I am thinking….How can one bless Abba Father, today, how can I bless Him? And I felt the Holy spirit say….Be careful, not to rain on others and their parade. And be careful, not to let others rain on your parade. It just made me think, that we don’t all think alike, we may go about things different, but to encourage each other, with Love. We all need God. Some more so, for different things, but to have peace with each other no matter what. To be careful with our words, so we do not come across, as sarcastic, etc. So, thats the “Sweet Inspiration” I sensed from our Lord, and want to share it with you all too. (Thanks Linda, Daddy, reminded me of that too)

His love prompts us all….thats what moves us to obedience.

Maybe, in modern day society, one may not hear this often, but if you have given your heart to Christ, thats not the end of it. Yes, your salvation is secure, but on earth, you have a job. And that means, you have to build yourself up, more, and more, daily, from moment to moment in Christ. You cannot just expect God to do a thing to you by osmosis. One must be constantly seeking God, in prayer, and reading the word daily. Careful, to walk in love with God and one another. Keeping forgiveness, in tact. Yes, you must discipline yourself. Thats what a “DISCIPLE” does. And whether you know it or not, you are a disciple. But you have to keep working at it….I know this daily myself. It is a process. But the results, bring blessings. And in this sweet discipline, the fellowship with Christ. I would never trade that, so yes, I work at it…..

Its true, no one is promised tomorrow. What we do now, depends on where we will spend eternity. We need to remind others of this, because if we don’t they could end up in Hell. We need to be like those on a life boat, with our lights, shining, to bring someone up on the boat, to save them. If we don’t then we don’t care, and what will God say to us, if we do not care, and we had the chance, to throw out that life preserver?

I agree, every moment, now, seems so precious. As we are vapors, I thank God for His mercy. I thank God for my salvation, and am reminded, we all sin, we all come short, of His glory. But, may love, and kindness, be evident in our hearts, as we submit to our Lord. As we walk on this earth, may that be evident, as we try to be a light that wins others to Christ, because we all have sinned. No one is perfect. Just Him.  

Faith, is a constant, stirring of heart, and prayer, and taking the word, and applying it. Directly. God is faithful, Christ was faithful, by what He did on this earth, for all of us.  By His faithful, obedience to go to the cross, for you, and for me.

To find true happiness, one can only aspire, to find God.  In finding God, one will see.  IN HIS PRESENCE, IS FULLNESS OF JOY.  Psalms 16:11

Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, being someone who walks in Love, being ready in and out of season, means you are being close to our Lord, and sitting at His feet. In prayer,and in His Word….You will find the answer, and direction. Listen…..

Have you ever noticed, in yourself, and maybe you see it in someone else as well, when someone totally lets go, lets God, gives Him praise, uninhibited, not ashamed, not afraid, who knows or sees, bold, giving God, full attention, something changes? Within, and spiritually? There is a sense of Gods presence. LOVE. Thats Gods confirmation, telling you faith pleases Him. That He wants you to come to Him, like a Child. That He is able. He wants you to seek Him, totally. Praise can do that, with a prayer. Then, He can work it out for you. Just give God all of your attention. Not ashamed. WHO CARES, THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD!

Acts of Kindness, can be acts of Love, truth, spoken, in Love. 
Dear friends, what good, are we, unless, we are pursuing, Fathers business? What does HE call us to do? But to love, one another, and share the Gospel. To be a light in darkness. Be careful, not to have fellowship with darkness, or your very own light, will not shine, because it will be dominated by darkness. Seek the light, for yourself, and for others, and God Himself, will be that light. His word, is a lamp unto our feet, and a light, unto our path….Psalm 119:105

I will never let go of my Salvation, the sacrifice of Christ was so very, great, and painful, but His Love, reminds me, no sin, is worth losing Him, or my relationship. I don’t know how God judges us. But if I judge myself, by His Holy Spirit, and remember, yes to repent, even daily. I can start fresh, new every day…..



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