The battle is the Lords. II Chronicles 20:15. When we get a revelation of that, it lifts the burden. I am grateful to God, for revealing this to me, in a great and mighty way. I don’t even need to know, how he will fight my enemies, or win the war. I just know, He will protect me. As I plead the blood of Jesus. As I trust him. Releasing myself. Whew, what a comfort, to know He is able. Blessings….And may I add, the only battle, I really need to fight, is the good fight of faith, believing, in who God is, never doubting Him, just knowing, that I know, God is able. This pleases Him, and He is the only one I need to please.

Amidst all the challenges, and victories, hopes, dreams, convictions, to be a better person, in Christ, I can only surrender to God. Yes, there are times, I feel His truth, justifies everything, in my life. But I can only apply His truths, by believing. Releasing myself, to Him, knowing, that I know, He is able. He is sovereign, He is God. I trust him, according to His word. Which humbles me, and reminds me. Let Go, Let God….

If you want inspiration, if you want to hear Gods voice. You have to make the choice, to want to do it His way. He does not change. We change. To His ways. Mindful, of HIS ways. One may think, they are on the right way, because it seems obvious. But, remember again, narrow is the gate. Straight is the path. Its not easy, choosing the right way. Easy, does not cut it. We have to remember, what Christ did for us. It was not easy. If we are to follow Him, we have to remember, you may very well go upstream, against the current, to get the results, from God. Remembering Christ is the way. After all HE parted the Red sea, he can make a way for you.

There are times, when you are challenged. There are times, of testing.  Times, when you feel overwhelmed.  Times when you know, that you know, you cannot get distracted.  By reality, or the bad reports of life.  You must “FINE TUNE YOUR FAITH”.  It may mean you have to do something different, by getting away from negative people, even well meaning people.  But, you have to, with every ounce of your being, claim, what Gods word says.  And that being the purest word, that has not been corrupted, by mens hands. (KJV) Or by disbelief. You must fine tune your faith, and stay focused, on what God says…..and don’t let go.  Don’t let go of God, no matter, what and after you have done all you can, in faith.  See God in the situation.  See God, 

And for the record, I will say, I hate sin. I do not condone, someone who sins, just because, to be honest, I have not seen it, where I had to identify it or someone. In the body of Christ. But I do not wink my eye, at the ugly deeds of darkness, from anyone. Especially, if I saw, it was hurting someone. But I am not a judge. I just pray, I never have to point the finger, and say, to someone, or that about someone. Its always a choice. One must do, what they have to do. If God, instructs them. So, I will close with that.


Do you ever hunger, and thirst, for change, for progress? Fruit….Sometimes, I think, we look for it, in and about us, around us. Promotion, changes in our environment etc. But if we can get to a point within, where we see, and releaseourselves to Christ, and listen, dear ones, this is so important, to listen to the prompting of Christ, we could very well see the progress, internally, and yes, even externally. Because then we will be in a place of obedience. Not our will, but His will be done. I so long for more of who He is in me, but I know, that I know, it requires discipline. 

Some times, you think you lose your direction. Things change, places change, even people change. But God never changes. He sees you. He just wants you to see Him. Then you will find your way……

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