S O S THIS WRITER IS ASKING FOR HELP ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

I am sending out an SOS.  I don’t what else to do.  I have prayed for many years, for a breakthrough.  I have been writing as a Christian for about thirty years.  And I feel like Moses, going around, and around, but not reaching the promised land.

And I don’t know if this is the way to get it.  A miracle…  But, I feel like someone who has been on a deserted island.  I have no outlet.

Here you are on my blog, maybe something, I have written inspired you.  Maybe you are a subscriber.  Maybe you just happened to come here. And either way, I pray God has spoken to you.

But I am sending out a strong SOS.

Everyday, I write, and I send out Messages of hope, Inspiration, Just my thoughts, scriptures, and I try to be obedient to God, to reach someone with the gospel.  I have been writing for many, many years.  With hopes and aspirations.  But I am still in the same place.

I have written three books.  How to have Faith, My journal 365 days to a personal relationship with Christ, and my third book, that is an E-book.  How to break curses.  And daily I write, on Facebook, or my other blogs, and I try, somehow to share what God puts on my heart.

And sometimes I will make a connection, with someone, and I know, I have brought truth, or instruction, and a person, will even acknowledge that now and then.  And it makes me feel like it was worthwhile.

But, no one helps me.  No one helps me publish my books, or gives me a recommendation to invite me to even come to their church.  Or ladies group.

And when I say this, please don’t look at this from someone who has pride.  I don’t.  I just know and see how far God has brought me.  I feel like I have so much wisdom God has given me, to tap into.  From my own testimony, to the experiences, I have encountered, to grow.  And I long to share it, and see it bear fruit.  And I just do not seem to make any progress.

Oh yes, sure, spiritually, I have learned so much from God, but I have no one to share it with, but here on the internet, and I send it out.  But is it received?  Its like putting a message in a bottle, and you hope someone will find it.

You know, I learned a while back, to be careful not to do it for the sake of money, or filthy lucre.  I have written my books, but no one sponsors me. I have no connections, but God, and He has not brought anyone yet, to help me.  So maybe it is not the will of God, for me to do anything.  I am discouraged  today.

I hate to admit it, but I am sad.  I am sad that I just have not had dreams fulfilled, or that I don’t see the fruit.  You know we live in this world, and its tough enough trying to survive.  I have faith, in God, more then me…. but I am sad.

I have been writing, and writing and writing, seeing the need, seeing, that I have this gift.  But it goes by unnoticed.

My dream was that someone would recognize my ability.  That God would bring someone to me, to help me, but He has not of yet brought someone.  Maybe this SOS can give God the glory.  Maybe someone can see it.  Or knows someone who can help me.  Or recommend me to someone.

But I am weary.  I have practically, just about have given up.  I have been rejected so many times.  That I don’t try, to be honest.  Any more. I don’t contact publishers, or magazines, or literary agents, because I have been rejected.  Over, and over again.

Yes, I self published, my books, with savings, and its not that I want to charge  a high price.  But, it is revenue that I have invested in from my own cash.  So, again, the subject of money comes into the situation.

Well, I think for now, I have shared enough.  I would appreciate your prayers.

But if you can open a door for me.  Invite me to your church, for a speaking engagement.  Refer me to a publisher, who can help me.  Tell someone you know, who may know someone, who has connections, who knows how to network in matters like this.

But please, don’t leave me like this dear Lord.  I just kind of feel like I cannot keep going on like this.  Whatever that entails.  But I know, till God calls me home, I will do this for Him.  For others.  Because there is a lost world out there.

I have proven it to myself, and hopefully to God.  Thanks for hearing my SOS.


Blessings, and love,


Elena Ramirez