I think all of us long for truth, theres that part of us, that just wants straight answers. No bull, no games, no compromises.
That really does come from a spirit, of truth, that can only come from God. You need to know there are two spirits, in this. Good, and evil. Remember the tree of good and evil? God did not want us eating from that tree. Eve, and Adam well they did eat of it. And it was sin, in Gods eyes.
Today, still holds true, good and evil. And He does not want us to eat from that. We need to search for the truth, His truth. We have to be careful, because we can be so easily deceived, by religion, false bibles, lies, wolves in sheep clothing.
The root of that comes from the enemy, the devil, and he wants to deceive you, and keep you from truth.
Friends, search for the truth. For God, to please Him, for yourself, for your family, for just a sense of knowing whats right and wrong.
Beware of the traps from the enemy. Beware of lies.
Get hungry for truth. To be fulfilled. I still want Gods plan, away from the sin. I don’t want the sin, because I know how it can steal from your very own blessings…..
Repentance, is the only way I know we can get it. Humbleness, love…..Don’t let anything steal truth from you. Don’t let the tickling of ears, become your distraction.
Go for truth. Get it, King James truth, and grow….in truth. To be fulfilled. To renew your spirit. To understand, to gain wisdom. Truth, will never let you down. Don’t deny truth, or you become your own enemy.



If we cannot take a stand for God, in just a little thing. Like not seeing a certain movie, or not going to a place that is notorious, for sin, or accepting people, in our lives who are bad influences.

What kind of stand is that? How can we stand against the enemy in a big thing, if we are not strong against him, in a little thing?

Folks, we can miss it. I am sad today for I see, the little foxes steal the vines…..

We are the vine, growing with Christ, but if we do not submit to Him, we can be cut off.

Don’t we see that? Again. How can we stand against the enemy in big things, if we won’t submit to God even in little things?

And take a stand against that little thing? We ALL have to see this…





A letter to personal friends, friends, I know on Fb only, and friends, I cherish, friends, I hardly know. Friends, who are really no longer friends to me. Yet I call you friends.

Friends, I take that word seriously.

I want to start the New Year of 2017 on a clear slate. I want to make sure, that I ask God for forgiveness. First. Because He is our King. And well because sometimes, well, maybe I sin. And I don’t even know. That I have sinned. Maybe I think something, or do something, that may offend Him. So I repent.

But I want to take this further, with you my friends, so I write this as an open letter. I ask that you forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I come off to strong. If I come off with maybe something you see as being, arrogant. Or I come off, like I am too good. Or a know it all. Forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I write something, that you may take personally. And maybe, I did not think of you in that way, but you took it personally, as if perhaps I was judging you. Forgive me.

Forgive me, if I let you down. If I perhaps committed to do something, but something else got in the way, and you felt slighted, rejected, or put off by me. Forgive me.

Forgive me if I said I would do something, but it did not happen in the way you thought it would. Forgive me.

You see, more then ever, I want to be an expression of Christ. But I know, by wisdom, that we do not all see it all the same. We don’t always all agree. And we are all growing on the vine at different places.

If I share something, or tell you something, even generally, I would hope you would see, that I say it, I share it, because I love you. I love our Lord, and I love truth. I think the thing I hate most is a lie. I hate, how it deceives. Yet I know truth can hurt. So forgive me.

I just know as I look back on this year, that I have had good intentions, but they did not always come through that way. I felt misunderstood, I felt sad, that people change. But that I have too.

I felt sad when I was challenged, and I gave grace, but grace was not extended to me.

I just know its a part of life. We all may want to do the best, we can. but we don’t always come through. So, I reflect on my own life, to ask God and you all to forgive me, if I came across, your way, but you did not see love. You saw something else.

Forgive me. I reflect because I hope to learn from my mistakes. But I realize we all make mistakes. We all sin, we all come short of His glory. He is the only one that is perfect.

I really do want to try. I really do want to be a reflection of Christ. I really do want to clean the slate. Resolutions…. are wonderful goals, if they are committed by Christ.

I just pray, to be someone God will extend mercy to too. So thank you, as I ask for forgiveness.

I don’t care if someone does not understand this, or may mock this….but I know, being humble in the sight of God, and not being proud. Not being accountable, really hurts me more in the long run.

So, I say, Forgive me. Thank you, and God bless you….. May God bless your new year, in whatever you may do.

Elena Ramirez


Life can be short, or it can be long….God has our lives in His hands.  What are we going to do with it?  Some day the Book of life, will be opened, and will we find our names in the Lambs Book of life?  We never know when life will end.  So we have to try do things right in this time, we are given…..To get right with God in our salvation.  And to get right with people.

For, one never knows.  I am an adult woman, I have been around the block a few times.  But I cherish, the life, God has given me.  I cherish my family.  I cherish my friends.  I cherish, the gifts God has given me.  I have been reflecting even now, how grateful to God I am.  I am thankful, for all my blessings, and right now I just want to get close to God.  I want to praise and worship him, in spirit, and truth.  But one cannot do that, if they are mad at someone or unforgiving.  You can’t it blocks, the love.  And God is love, so we have to do what we have to do, according to His word, to unblock that love.  If something is hindering it.

I have learned a lot, and pray to keep learning.  Maybe that’s why I write.  To sort out my feelings, to bring some perspective, to things, I go through, that I have learned in life.

I am blessed to have my immediate family.  But, I did not always have a sense of family.

I was raised, by my mother.  And I want to say here, before I go any further.  I loved my mother.  I honor her, more then ever.  As being a source of life, God used to bring me in this world.

But….we did not always get along.  I was day, she was night.  Her and my father, were divorced, when I was just a baby.  So, I did not grow up with the unity, of a father and a mother.  Though, my father, was in my life, here and there.

But, I always longed for a family.  And that was not fulfilled, till I was older.  I have a few family relations, not much.  From my father, and my mothers side.

But to be honest, the relationship with them is practically dissolved.  I never got very close to those on my fathers side.  But, on my mothers side, I have tried to keep communication open, with my mothers brothers children.  My cousins.  They have tried to.  I love them.

Recently, I had a bit of a tiff, with one of my cousins.  It was so trivial.  And in many ways, it was not even a tiff.  It was basically a misunderstanding.  No mean words were said.  I believe she forgave me as I forgave her.  But there still was that sense, of a loss of communication.  Yet, things spilled over, that probably should not have.  And I take responsibility for my part.  But people also have to be accountable as well.  In grace, we extend love, and love covers a multitude of sins.  If they cannot be accountable. Because family, is family.  We only get one blood family.  And that through Christ.

But it reminded me, of my past.  It reminded me of my mother, it reminded me, that the devil, wants to destroy families. He wants to break up the love, and the unity in families.  He comes to kill, steal and destroy.  Thats his job, so we have to be on guard.  We have to be aware of his devices, and unforgiving, is something he uses over, any of us who are not aware. He wants to divide family members. Ahhh, but the good news is Christ came to give life, and more abundantly.  So we have a weapon against the enemy.

I never want to see division like that in my family ever again.  By the blood of Jesus.

I thank God my immediate family, is built on the foundation, of Gods love.  He is first as our foundation.  His word, His truth, (KJV) His commandments, His love, etc.  That is what brings our unity.  For the Ramirez family is in unity.  We respect each other.  We honor each other.  I honor my husband as the head of our household.  He honors me as his wife.  We taught this to our son as well.  That family honors one another.  You can have friends, but family is first.

We do not let arguments, or disagreements, get in the way, of the flow of our family.  We forgive.  If we have a disagreement, and we do, sometimes, but we do not let it turn into any kind of resentment.  We do not go away from each other, angry.  And I pray, by the blood of Jesus, we never do.  But we have to be on guard, to situations, like this, where the enemy, wants to dominate.  We have to be on guard, to the deceptiveness of a situation.

But, when I detected this little misunderstanding, with my cousin, which I will not get into all the details…  I sensed, how the enemy, divides.  I love my little cousin.  I know she probably loves me too.  But I had to try and share with her….

But, it just reminded me, that life is not promised to anyone.  And when family, has misunderstandings, and arguments, and they walk away from one another.  Did you know, we are giving place to the devil in that?  We are to submit to God, resist, the devil, and he will flee.  We are to be love, for God is love.

I have heard many stories, being in ministry, about people who have loved each other, and some argument, or whatever happened, and people pass away, but there were regrets.  An argument, something so petty, divided them, from their family members.  I can relate to this.  For I myself, have had regrets in love.  With my mother.

I just wish, I could have given her flowers, while she was alive.  Not when she is dead.  Not with regrets.  And there were plenty believe me.  We never got over that hump.  There was resentment.  But I loved her.  But she is dead and gone…And I wonder if she knew I loved her.  Not knowing, if she ever knew, how much I loved her. It, hurts me even now. As I think about it.  But there was always this sense of a wall.  And I could never reach her.

You know, people have their personalities.  Some are stubborn, some express things differently, but we are to respect one another, and love one another.  I felt sad, after I had this little tiff, with my cousin.  And I said somethings to her, not that I regret.  But that had to be said.  Maybe even because I am older, then her, by many years.  I may have done it, out of my own pain.  But I did it because enough of the devil breaking up our family.  I told her things…Because I love her, and I see how the enemy divides.  I see how he wants to break up families.  I wanted to warn her in love, for us not to get touchy with one another.  But it did not come out well.  I even said some things, that had a deeper sense of my own loss.  My own feelings.

But, the timing…..I believe it was for a reason….Gods reasons.

Have you ever thought, or seen the vision, of your Loved ones all being saved.  Through Jesus Christ?  I do, even as I write this.  I want all of my family, to be in heaven, united, when we meet.  Again…..The devil wants to stop that.  He does not want that!  But if you are saved, you can save another family member.  You can stop the devil.  You just have to believe, in Love.  You just have to believe, that your effort, that your gift of love, will have a domino affect, and save, one family member, and then another.  Your family, can be restored, and thats what I pray for my own family…..

I just pray, we can get back on track and communicate in love, again.  But it will take both of us to work at it.  But it just reminded me.  Of how short life is.  You know flowers are beautiful.  But, if your gonna send me flowers, don’t send them when I am dead.  Send them when I am alive.  And send me a rose bush.  One that is alive, so I can see the love growing.  We have to see that in each other.

And for the record, right now, I am not asking for anybody to send me flowers.  Even from my sweet little cousin.  But do you know what I mean?

Send love, while the time is available to love. Send someone flowers, to be an expression of love.  Send a live plant, in the symbolism, that your love is alive.  Make up with people.  Forgive.  Stop the plan of the devil. Try, don’t give up on love!

We cannot have regrets. If we try to resolve situations.  If we give no place to the enemy.  Then we are doing our part, we are being obedient to God.  We have to see the love in each other.  We have to all keep growing with Christ.  On that vine, that he has called us to be on.  Family is first.  Loyalty to family, should always be a priority.  Family, is blood.  We should never write off a family member.

I implore people here.  Do not have any regrets.  Do what you have to do, to make amends with your family members.  And even friends if thats the case.  But I am more focused here on family.  Because family is blood.  Blood unites us in Christ.  It is symbolic, to the structure.  God is father, then there is mother, and then there is brothers and sisters etc.  We cannot let the devil interfere with the family.  Sometimes, we have to accept each other.  Just the way that person is.  Agree to disagree.  But don’t let the devil steal your families love.  That God intended to grow.

Let go of that pride, that ugly characteristic of the devil!  BEWARE!

Send flowers now, while that person is alive, and send them a rose bush, send life….send them a plant…..with love, so they can see the love growing.  So they can know your love has not stopped growing….

Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way, first be reconciled to thy brother and then come and offer thy gift.  Matthew 5:24. 

And more then anything, so God can see the love.  You don’t want regrets, when you, yourself, has to stand before God.  Send the love now….send life.  Send Christ with that plant, for He has come to give us all life, and life abundantly now!

For it really does not matter who was right or wrong.  It does not matter, what the problem was.  You have to be mature in Christ.  In the sense, that if you let God take care of it, by giving Love, to that person, He will take care of it.  That which the devil intended for evil.  God will turn it around and make it good, and right!

Blessings, and love,

Just my thoughts….

Elena Ramirez


Father, I praise you, I love you, I thank you abba Father, that you are my Lord.  That you have a plan, even from years ago, and this photo was taken by my baby cousin.  Lord, I pray, just restore ALL of my family.  To you.  To each other.  I pray, forgiveness, and grace would be extended. I pray, that we would learn how to bind the enemy, by extending love.  It might not even be appreciated at first.  But it plants a seed.  It grows.  It can grow, but it must be”alive” from you, by Christ.  It is symbolic, that it must be something alive, to express, the love now.  Not later, no regrets.  I bind regrets.  From my own family.  Restore all of my family.  And I extend this rose, without thorns.  For the thorns, were received in your crown my Lord Jesus, and you break the curse.  Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice.  To save me, to save my family.  In Jesus name.  Amen