AN ANALOGY OF HOW….satan….LOST HIS SALVATION ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.


Luke 10:18 King James

I want to settle once and for all, that Salvation can be lost.  Too many Christians, have such a strange understanding of this, that they don’t see the deception in this.

They don’t see, how precious Salvation is, and what Christ did on the cross for us.  They don’t see, we are to guard our salvation, and yes work it out with trembling and fear.  This is scriptural.  

But more then anything they don’t have fear of God, and because of that, they don’t treasure it, or respect it and guard it.  And because that fear of God is not there, they are not afraid of God, and they sin.  Simply put….

Many have such a confused sense, about grace and the law, that they actually believe, they have grace to sin, and will still make it to heaven, when they die.  

Don’t forget satan fell from grace.  

So they take one scripture from Galatians 3: and they misinterpret the words, and throw out the law.  According to Paul, the apostle, And think they are covered by grace.  They do not see the many, many other scriptures about the law, and the curses, that come from not keeping the law.  

Some, take truth, concerning the “justification” of Salvation, and do not see, that if there is unrepented sin, they are in spiritual jeopardy, and can lose their Salvation.  They believe….That once saved is always saved.  Its not.  And I will explain…

This is definitely the plan of the devil.  This is definitely, something he will use to try and confuse someone, and yes cause someone even to sin.

Last week was such a strange week for me, spiritually, but it lead me to this topic, even today.

It seemed, like every turn I took, people, were either offended with me, they wanted to challenge doctrine, they wanted me to compromise my beliefs, they wanted me to actually compromise my stance on only using the King James Bible and it was just a lot of spiritual warfare.

I stood firm, and said, I will only trust God.  I will not compromise truth.  I will not dismiss the law of God.  Think what you want I don’t care.  Maybe you saw my post where I talk about that.  But I held firm in the testing, and I believe I passed the test, to the glory of God.  

Because God showed me this…..

For it lead me even to a conversation, I had with my husband.  Who confided in me, he had a strange conversation with an acquaintance of his.  This acquaintance, was talking to my husband about salvation.  This person believes that once saved is always saved.  

He said, something really strange, that my husband asked me if there was any kind of scripture that says, Christ died for our sins, in the past, now, and in the future.  Which I asked, if he thought, maybe, he was trying to say, Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow?  

He said, no.  His meaning was that you can sin, now, or in the future and be covered by Salvation.

My husband knows better, praise God.  And he shared this analogy.  He asked this person.  If Hitler accepted Christ, before he became a dictator, and then committed all the atrocities that he did, killing Jews, killing innocent people, for the sake of his race, and then died…..

Would Hitler go to heaven?

The friend thought about it and said, “Yes he would go to heaven”.   WRONG!

My husband, was short on time, and could not share scripture, or more, with this person but he tried, in a brief moment to tell him, that was not right.  And that Hitler, would not have gone to heaven if he did not repent.  And asked for forgiveness.

So I shared this scripture with my husband.  To bring more understanding…

Please Note:  I am interjecting the words ” who is saved” to understand that the “righteous” is the saved.  This is who we are talking about in this scripture..  

And you always have to see scripture from a King James, to always get the true meaning.  This is why wording, must be guarded, and not compromised from other bible versions.  


If you know, that Christ died for you, and you have repented, and you believe Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world, and you accept Him as Lord and savior, you are promised eternal life.  Right?

Well, if you sin, according to this scripture, and commit iniquity, or sin the righteousness (who is saved) you had, (your name which is in the lambs book of life) will not be remembered.  It will be blotted out.  

And all the good things you did will not be remembered, and for your sins, that you commit, you will die for those sins.  In other words, the life you were promised by Christ, eternal life, by repenting, and seeking Him, will become now death for you.  You will lose your salvation, and life eternal is no longer promised to you, because you trusted your own righteousness, and sinned.  

So there it is there, Saved is not saved, if there is sin….

But lets talk about the devil.  Lets talk about who he was, and why it is so important, that you see this, and yes make the connection.  Because more then anything the enemy wants to deceive you.  He wants you to be confused.  He wants you to think you can sin, and your “justified.”  He wants you to lose your salvation, why?  Because he lost his.

Now remember this.  And I shared that top scripture, to make the illustration from Christ.  But we all know the story.

The devil, satan, who was also called lucifer, was an angel on high.  An Arc angel.  He was beautiful to look at.  He was, we are told, light.  He was highly ranked….He though, wanted to lift himself up, on high, and was actually jealous of God.  He wanted the glory for himself.  

God took authority, and kicked him out of heaven.

So think about it.  Here was an angel, who was established in heaven.  He had authority.  He had his place, in the Kingdom of heaven.  He had rank, he had a lot going for him.  He had his place in heaven.  But something came over him, where he wanted more power, more authority, and so what did he do?  He rebelled!  

Rebellion in the sight of God, is not good.  Because the devils pride, thought, he could attain the position of God, and rule.  He wanted to take over heaven.  Jealousy too, that was just as bad.  

So scriptures tell us there was war in heaven.  And a lot of the angels that took sides with satan were thrown out of heaven.    Think about that.   Satan and his pals, that were devils, were thrown out of heaven.  

Do you see the connection here?  He lost his salvation.  They lost their salvation too!  

Why?  Because he and the other angels sinned against God.  

He lost his place in heaven.  He lost all the blessings of heaven, and his future, when its all going to be said and done, his future will be hell.  

It is written….King James written….  

My friends.  Please think about this as well.  There are many people, we love, who do not accept Christ as Lord and savior.  They won’t even accept Him, to ensure their salvation.  They deny Him.  Then there are those, who sin, and are not afraid of compromising, truth.  But they believe they are saved and going to heaven.  

But when Christ returns.  And He will.  There will be a separation, just like in heaven.  The Bible describes it as tares and wheat, it also describes it, as sheep and goats.  They will be separated.  

Can you just for a moment, realize how sad it was in heaven, when the devil did that?  It was betrayal, at the highest level.  And so it should not be any surprise, that it will happen to us here on earth.  Like the Lords prayer….On earth as it is in heaven.  

It is said, that when this happens, many will say, “Lord, Lord, and He will say, I never knew you”.   Can you imagine how sad that would be if your loved one, made it to heaven, but you did not.  And Christ said.  I never knew you?  

Separation, will happen but we now should not have anything to do with those who compromise truth.  Who choose to sin.  Who choose to disobey God.  Compromising, is disobedience.  We should separate ourselves from those who want to sin.  It corrupts us as well.  

So there you have to see, here was an angel, who rebelled, who betrayed God, and scripture tells us, God does not trust anyone.  Not even the angels.  Can we blame Him?    

So what makes any of us think we can sin, and God will not document that sin, and let us slide by grace?  You know everything we do is recorded in the books.  

In the lambs book of life, and the book of life.  Two separate books.  One describes what you did on the earth.  And the other is to see if you accepted Christ as your Lord and savior.  You want your name in the lambs book of life, and you don’t want it blotted out.  With an eraser that is called sin.  

You have to look at this.  Why would the Lord pardon sin, without repentance, if the devil did not repent?  He did not repent.  He could have….but that pride caused him to be be kicked out of heaven.  

Remember he lost his salvation.  If you want to call it that.  It was just given to him as an angel.  Saved for us, is knowing how precious what Christ did for us.  Knowing, He is the way, the truth, and life.  It is a choice!  Its not just handed down to you, to abuse.  You have to accept Gods terms.  (the King James bible)  

This is not religion this is relationship with God almighty, a covenant, a sealed promise from the King of Kings that makes it relationship.  

What makes you think you won’t lose your Salvation if you don’t repent?  

Something to think about….

Just my thoughts, and praising God, and thanking Him, myself for my salvation.  Take care…Just a reminder.  Of the above scripture.  


What fear is that?  Friends it is the fear of God.  Get it, claim it, it will keep you out of trouble, out of sin, and it is the most healthiest thing you can do.  For the sake of your salvation.   And if you have not accepted Christ, I implore you, make it right with Him.  Confess your sins, pray the sinners prayer, and get a good King James bible.  

He is the only one who can change our lives.  On earth, and when we die, if He is our Lord, we are promised eternity.  Don’t throw this chance away.   

Live for God.  Live for the one who gives you life, and life abundantly, because of His sacrifice for your sins on the cross.  Live for Him.  It is the sweetest sense of love.  Live….


Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez 



If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link.  My latest book.  BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST.  This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse.  But by Christ it can change into a blessing.  A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc.  And why we do some of the things we do.... "HOW TO HAVE FAITH" This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God.  Bot are on SMASHWORDS..... If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Bot are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

God is not a figment of my imagination, or some thing to consider as one would when you go shopping for spiritual inspiration.  No my God is so much more, not only is He the creator of heaven and earth, and has the ability to spare our souls from hell.  He can make a way, when there was no way. He can heal us spiritually and physically….

He is so underestimated, in our world.  And is misunderstood, and rejected.  But His love is so great, and we can just look at Jesus the son of God, to get a mere glimpse of who He is.  But people have to look, and we have to tell others….

Look at our world folks, it needs God more then ever.  With all that is going on in the world, they call persecuted Christians, “religious minorities.”  Truth is not spoken any more, and it is very disconcerting.  For we see how the world is changing, and no one stops it, no one stands for that which is right.  This really bothers me being a truth seeker.  

Even as I look at other Christians, they are silent.  They are quiet.  Sure some speak truth about other things, but yet, they do not stand up for God, and what God can do in a life.  Nor do they defend, the defenseless, or stand up against evil.  The lines are fuzzy, because many do not embrace the truth of God, and His word.  Folks we are in end times.  We are seeing prophecy being fulfilled even right now, before our eyes, and in the news.  Truth, is so vague in the body of Christ.   

And yet, when someone in authority could make a difference, we see silence.   No one is taking a stand, to speak truth.  I long to.  But who am I?  All I know, is that if given the chance, I would speak to others, I would proclaim Christ more so.  People need hope.  They need truth, not sugar coated lies.  I am weary, in not making progress, but I still know God can!  I know it, I know that I know God is able.  No God is not a figment of my imagination.   

All we can do is pray, but yet, I know we can do more.  We have to.  

His will be done.  I so pray, that my heart, my soul, my being, gives Him glory.  I want to inspire God, and I am so sympathetic to know, He loves us all.  But sadly, many reject Him.  I don’t want that recorded on the records of heaven, but that I love Him, and thank Him…..

For every thing, from the small to the big.  I am grateful.  I love the Lord, and pray just to please Him.  I suppose I am venting today.  I suppose, I am just trying to toot my horn, but its for His glory, not mine.  

Blessings, and love, just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez


But he that glorieth let him glory in the Lord.  II Corinthians 10:17.  


If your interested in learning love principles, that will help your faith.  My book, could help you.

If your interested in learning love principles, that will help your faith. My book, could help you.

Love….I sense in my spirit, that the Lord is longing to draw us closer to His throne.  To have a sweeter, and deeper relationship with Him.  To know Him, to see His power, and His glory revealed.   To have more of a personal relationship with Him.  To know true love.

There is a void, that we all have, if we are not close to Him.  If we deny Him, or if we do not work at this relationship of love.  For you see, it is a relationship.

It is not one-sided.  He has done His part, in so many ways, by revealing to us, a savior, and that is Jesus Christ.

God is a King, the King of Kings, and a King, does not have to do things according to what people expect, but we are to do things according to what He expects.

Merciful, and kind, loving, He reveals Himself to us in a sunrise, a sunset, a bird, a flower, a healing, an after thought, a miracle….

Yet, I believe He is ready to step out and do more, and reveal more.  If we only believe.  If we only obey.  If we only take what He has given to us, and we honor it.  We hold it as precious.  We do not abuse, this gift called grace.  For we know it came at such a great price of our Lord Jesus.

Hungry, and thirsty for our savior, will cause us to be fed, and to fill that void in our life.  Searching even “how” to love Him. Even through the good times.  Sometimes, the bad times, the times, where it seems He does not answer you, makes you realize, who He is.  It makes you realize, how important it is to get it right according to His standards.

You know the scripture says, we reap what we sow.  So you see, what you have done, in the past, to even get you to where you are now.

Nothing fills that void, like being near Him.  Nothing fills that void, if you have done something that will cause His holy spirit to be grieved.  But love, love will keep you.  Love will remind you, by the Holy spirit, not to grieve Him.

He says be Holy, for He is holy.  How can we, when we let other things get in the way of our relationship?  How can we, if we choose not to obey?  If we choose the ways of the world?

There is no way.   Only Christ is that way, the truth, and life.  If we would only see, with our spiritual eyes, and heart, how precious our Lords love is.

This is not about religion!  Please, no matter what you have been taught, please know, God is real.  But He does have His ways, His expectations.  His standard…..His love….

We are on the vine with Christ.  But, we cannot not bear fruit for Him.  We cannot withhold love, or withhold praise to Him.  We have to constantly be in a place, where we are loving Him, seeking Him, being obedient to Him, serving Him, serving others, walking in love.

Growing!  Not complacent, not passive, not quiet, not burying our talents in the ground, and not watering them so they can grow.

No we have to constantly be in a place, where we are yes hungry and for Him, for the King.  Being an expression of love.

Dear one, I just know, that we must seek God, we must let Him fill that void in our life.  Life is not life without Christ.

If you are not sure, how to find Christ, just call on Him, do some soul searching, some searching of King James scripture, and look for the holiness, and the authenticity of a real relationship, based on love.  I pray you find it.

I pray I do too.  I never want to lose this sense, of giving Him praise and glory.  I never want to lose this great love I have for Him.  But I have to do my part.  I have to nurture this love.  With Him, with others, and I cannot let other priorities, or success, or even failure, get in the way of that.

Finding my balance, finding my place, to always be near Him to fill that void, is my responsibility.  And I take it to heart.  I take it to understand, this thing of being fulfilled in life requires my part, and I know, nothing else can take the place of my Lord.

Nothing, so I guard my heart, with all that I can, to please Him.  I felt led to share this today,

I pray you are inspired as well.  May you see, how important it is to let Christ fill that void in your life.

Blessings, and love, Today is Valentines Day. (2014) Lots to do, but love has to be the priority.  Even as I write this.  I pray, you sense, and know how much God loves you, and you sense and know how much you love God.  Love never fails…

It may just begin, by repenting, and accepting Christ as your Lord and savior.  Even if you have done that before, but you sinned, clean the slate.  Love….

Just my Thoughts, Elena Ramirez

For in Jesus Christ neither circumicision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision but faith which worketh by love.  Galatians 5:6


I know the principles to have faith.  I can help you.  Order the book today.  Go to this link....

I know the principles to have faith. I can help you. Order the book today. Go to this link….


The way, for guidance, in truth, and life.  Do we seek to know what that way is?

This morning, I woke up with a new sense of hope, for the new year of 2014. This first day of the year.

And on so many mornings, I do hear the prompting from God.  As He speaks to me.  Sometimes very quietly, and sometimes, very loud, so I know it is Him.

Today, He spoke, firmly, to me, to know that He is the way, He is the truth, and He is life.  I took it to heart, to know, that I need to dedicate this scripture this year, as a motivational scripture, a scripture, to inspire me to have a sense, of guidance. To know He is truth, He is life, and most definitely, He is that way!

You see, I want changes in my life.  I want changes and progress to give Him glory.  Giving God glory is a mission to me, it is my personal agenda, as a goal.  For I seek to please Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I just feel as we grow as Christians, more, and more this should be our goal.  To give God glory.  But how do you do that?

You trust in the fact, with this one scripture, that has so much value to it.  To know, how much a treasure these words are to know.  Christ is the way!  He is Truth!  He is life…..  Just to ponder on that for a moment, to let it sink in, gives me so much.  It inspires me, it tells me hold onto that scripture through everything….

It gives me hope, when I get lost, in the hustle and bustle of life, that He is the way.  We walk by faith, and not by sight.  And sometimes, we lose our way.  I know I have.  I am a Christian, but I am like that little lamb, that gets lost now and then, and I have to call out to my savior.  I cry out, and He comes to me, and soothes me, and pours oil on my head, and puts me about His neck, and keeps me close to His side.  Sometimes, we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, sometimes, we walk where the enemy is close by, and we have to be on guard.  We have to let the word, be a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path….

 But if I go about wandering around, without knowing, I can get in trouble, if I leave His side, whose fault is that?  That is mine!  I have to include Him in ALL of my decisions, I need to go to Him in prayer, early in the day, and commit to Him, to help me.  Because I ask….I need to commit everything to Him.  For me and my family.

So I want to be careful to stay close to His side, because He is the way.  If I do not, I can lose my way.  I don’t want to lose my way any more…..I am not interested, in trying to find the way, the truth, and life, on my accord.  But by His way, His truth, His life.  A life, that He gave on that cross to pay my debts!  This is my goal….

So, I seek His truth!  I seek this truth, from my King James Bible.  No other Bible to me is truth.  They are part truth, and part lies, because men, have compromised God’s holy word, and changed it, here and there.  To enhance the meaning?  I don’t think so, I think it truly is an agenda of the devil to distort Gods word, to change it, so the potency will not be there.  There are so many warnings, that tell us, from God, do not change, do not add, do not delete Gods word.  Revelation 22:18-19. And I have seen so many discrepancies, when comparing scripture to scripture from the different versions, with Gods holy word, the King James, that causes me great alarm!  So I stick with the King James.

Life, you want to look with hope, in 2014 for the changes, in life, God can bring.  He promises life abundantly.  I claim, that on earth, as it is in heaven. I have great anticipation, more so, from other years.  Maybe it is maturity in Christ, maybe it is just wanting again, to see God glorified, but I am pressing into this life, that I have grateful, and wanting to be obedient, yes, in fear of God, who holds my life in His hands.

Fear of God, brings it all together oh so sweet.  Not in a burdensome way, but in way, that tells Him, as His daughter, I know He has established it by His way, and if I want life, I have to choose His way. I have to choose His truth.

Without wavering, without doubting, without, testing Him.  No I know the consequences of sin, and it is death, it is not life.  And I want peace, because there is no peace to the wicked.

 So I have to see it all together, to please him.  Because if I don’t, I could miss it.  I don’t want to miss it any more.  In fact, I want to be restored, totally healed, and renewed in this gift of life He has given me. But so much more, in this glory I want to give Him, I want to see miracles.  Great miracles, that bring Him glory.

If I want my life to change, if I want these miracles, if I want to see God glorified, in my life, and yes even you….I have to position myself, and take hold of Gods promises, in obedience, and let go, and let God.

I am believing, in 2014, according to John 14:6, that Christ is the way, the truth, and life, and I am taking all of His word, to bless without sorrow…..Don’t you think you have to do the same thing?  Position yourself, completely with God.  Thats the answer!  To have the way, to have the truth, to have the life!

Just my thoughts, for the new year.  May God bless your new year of 2014 as well.  Take to heart, this scripture, meditate on it, understand it, totally.  It may be your scripture for 2014 as well.

 Rededicating myself to Christ every day, is just a new beginning….

 Blessings, and love in Christ, Elena Ramirez

Lord, I put 2014 in your hands, and I pray, I do my part according to your truth, so you will be glorified in my life.  For the changes I long for.  You are the way, the truth, and life.  And I hold onto this promise of John 14:6.  With all my being this year.  Bless your word. The King James word. In all areas of my life for your glory. So I can say Look what the Lord has done for me. Thank you, Father, I bless you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In Jesus name.  Amen.  






I want to talk a bit, about the fear of God. Not many people, like this idea of being afraid of God. And I am not just talking about reverence or respect. I am talking about fearing Him.

To some this is just absurd. I know, because I have talked to people about this before, and some of the answers I get amazes me, and I hear things like, I am not afraid of God, I love Him, He is my savior. Yes, I love God, too, and yes, He is my savior, but….I fear Him.

Throughout the King James Bible, there are scriptures that attest to having fear of Him. And even as I thought about this, I knew, I had to run to my computer, and capture this thought, yes, even in fear of Him, to be obedient.

It’s easy for our hearts to get cold, indifferent, and when we do, we have to see this, and stir our hearts back up. Disciplining ourselves….This is why, I try, whenever I can, to give Him glory, or to acknowledge Him, or to defend that which is right, against the wrong. I don’t want evil to think
they can manipulate situations, or to silence me, when I have all of my being because of God and His mercy.

So the fear of God, makes me sometimes be bold, makes me stronger, gives me courage…..why? Because someday, I will stand before God. Someday, when it is all said and done, the book of life will be opened, and God and I will see all that I did. The lambs book of life, will be opened, and it will also reveal I gave my heart to Christ. So, when these books are opened, I want my heart to reflect, that I “disciplined” myself to have this fear…

This fear, keeps me away from sin, it keeps me mindful, that we reap what we sow, and that God is not mocked. Galatians 6:7. I hope this inspires you somewhat, to understand, what I mean from this… one cannot tell you what to do! But God, in His spirit, can make a way for you to understand. And if you choose to fear Him, the blessings are more than can be counted….


Blessings….Elena Ramirez



As I write this, I pray, with all the love I can muster up, in who I am in Christ, I can express this.  To bring grace and truth.  John did see this, and he understood, who Christ was.


Do you comprehend, and understand that Christ is the Word, of God?  Do you comprehend, that Christ came in the flesh, and dwelt among us?  Do you comprehend and see in the darkness?  Who Christ is, He is the light of the world.  The light has shined, but those in darkness do not comprehend it.

I was in darkness, and I admit, I did not understand.  And I was a Christian….groping, blindly.  The enemy had blinded me.  Even as a Christian.  He deceives.  Thats his job.  But God in His mercy, searched for me, found me, and took me out of the darkness.  But, I had my part, and I still have my part.  As long is breath is in me, by the power of God, by His ordaining it.  He teaches us, He is teaching me…..and I am committed to be obedient to Him.

For lately, I admit, I am seeing more, and more, in His word, that He just brings to me, daily, as I open my Bible, He directs my eyes to see His truth.  The fear of Him….

Dear ones, I have to be blunt.  The body of Christ is missing it.  They are not seeing the truth.  One reason, is they have disregarded, the Word.  The true word.  Christ is that word.  But the word they are reading is not truth.  It is compromised, it is distorted, and there is no power in it.  It is picked and chosen, for what people want, and it is watered down.  It is not anointed.  All of these Bible versions, have distorted the truth.

God has been showing me, that the body of Christ, does not have the fear of Him.  They are choosing their own ways, love is not being taught.  Our world, our country, is under a curse, with abortion, and every other filthy choices that are being made, and we have to get back to Gods truth, thats the only way, we can have a chance.

God is angry.  I sense it.  And I am afraid, of that anger for our world, for our nation.  For me, for my own life.  For my soul.  For He has power to say either heaven or hell.  Yes….I fear God.  I have written about this before, do a word search on the fear of God, in my posts….

But I say this now with full force!

God is angry.  Yes, Christ came in love, and peace.  But He came to fulfill the law, not to abolish it.


Christ told us we did make errors, not knowing His word, and may I add, not knowing His true word.  YE DO ERR, NOT KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES, NOR THE POWER OF GOD. Matthew 22:29.

Dear Friends, what I share with you, I share with you in love, and I plead with you.  Our society, and even we as Christians get so offended, if we share truth, or if we even speak Gods word, it convicts us.  And to those, who have been used by the enemy, it offends.

If His love is in us, we are not to get offended with one another.  We wonder why as Christians, we are not in agreement?  One reason again, is the word, and the spirit attached to it.  One is truth the KJV, and the other are counterfeits.  There is no way agreement, can be reached with the different spirits, that are not truly Christ, dwelling in us.

And our society, has let even just a few dictate, because they did not believe.   I read just the other day, one person, only one person, had the objective, to stop a city, from sharing a nativity scene, and they stopped it.

Look what we could do, if we were truly united in Gods TRUE word?  If we could be bolder for our nation, and yes, demand our rights as Americans, but not only Americans but humans.  Seeking God, is our human right.  We are created in His image.

Christ will return, and many will say, Lord, Lord, and He will say I knew you not.  And do you know why He is going to say that, because you really did not know Him.  Matthew 7:21.  NOT EVERY ONE THAT SAITH UNTO ME, LORD, LORD, SHALL ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN  BUT HE THAT DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.

How can any of us be assured?  If we choose rightly.  But if you do not, it is because the fear of God was not in you.  And……You chose a Bible, that was not His true voice.

I implore you, Christmas is coming.  We need God more then ever, but if you are reading a watered down version, that is not the King James Bible, for your own Christmas gift, put it away.  Put it aside, let the Word, that came to dwell among us, Christ, be that gift, that shines in you.  Do it in fear of God!

You have part of it, but you need the full dose, the full measure, of who Christ is, so you can know who you are.  You will see the difference.  Spiritual confusion will leave you.  I know when I quit reading the other versions, I felt my thoughts change.  My faith grew.  My trust in God, did not feel distorted.

In fear of God, do this.  I do implore you.  I am worried, for the body of Christ.  I do not see pastors, teaching the fear of God.  I do not see them, teaching love.  Its been the prosperity message, in full force.  We have to stop, and see this, in fear of God.

I am a crier, in the town square, and many are listening, but many are disregarding this, and just walking on.  Doing their thing.  And some in the name of the Lord, thinking they are right.   But they are not.  Offended, angry, they feel this is something that is personal.  And its not.  Not if we are walking with Christ, the way we should be.  For He is the way, the truth, and life.  John 14:6.

I know I am right in this, truth.  AND BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, YE BELIEVE ME NOT.  JOHN 8:45.  God has been bringing it more, and more to me.  I have such a very, very strong sense of this.  God is angry!  He is angry folks.  With all the evil.  He is angry with us, because we are not seeing it.  He is angry, with those who mock Him.  He is angry, with agendas, that do not include Him.  He is angry, with the devil.  He can destroy, remember past accounts from His word.  God has power, but we have disregarded it.

We have let people stop our walks, our faith with Christ.  We have become ashamed, of who we are in Christ.  We are the greatest Christian nation, in the world, but we are ashamed to say Merry Christmas.  Well I say happy John 3;16.  Wake up!  What has happened to us?

As a nation.  As for me I can only speak now for myself, but I pray, that is not seen in me, but we as the body of Christ, are useless right now.  We need to discipline ourselves in Christ.  Stop and pray!

We are in end times.  I am not sure when, because no one knows that according to Gods word.  Read Matthew 24;36.  

But even in fear of God, knowing our lives are in His hands, makes me realize. How holy, and good God is.  How powerful, how mighty, and splendid, is His truth, and ways.  We need to change.  We need God.  Our society needs Him.  You could make such a difference.  For the body of Christ, if you would just do this.  God could then use you mightily.  I know a few people, who have such an anointing, a gifting, but they do not heed this truth.  If you would change your Bibles.  To the King James Bible, it has been preserved for over 400 years.  He did that, for a reason.

His sheep know His true voice….and they follow Him.  He layed down His life for us, how can we not see this?  John 10.

If you let the word of God dwell among you, and in you……Read Jeremiah 6. KJV.   Jeremiah 6:10, and verse 16. This is for someone who understands who hears and sees.  And Read John.  KJV.  AND AS A SPECIFIC REFERENCE, IF YOU READ ANY SCRIPTURES, I RECOMMEND, TAKE TO HEART ALL OF PSALMS 119.  IT RELATES COMPLETELY TO GODS WORD.

Do it this Christmas, for you to have His presence, not just presents.

And to any person, who reads this, I implore you as well, go to Christ, repent, and believe.  Go buy a King James Bible.  Your eternal soul, is at stake.  I tell you this in fear of God.

Just my thoughts, with Love, and yes again, I say it with love, in fear of God.

Elena Ramirez

Father, obedient I write this, in fear of you.  Help the body of Christ.  Open their eyes, to the truth.  Be glorified Father, I praise you, and long for your presence, more and more.  Thank you, that I sense this in your truth.  In Jesus name.  Amen


I remember, when I was going through a lot of changes, and nothing would turn out right. And I had a sense, that God was saying, give me your all. And I looked at myself, and I knew He was right. I was walking the fence line. I was living, with half of me saying, I believe in God. But I was not completely obedient, or committed. The other half of me was living, in the ways of the world, and partying, being careless, with life. I won’t say what God did, to make me finally live for Him, and only Him, but lets just put it this way….GOD PUT THE FEAR OF GOD IN ME! And, maybe thats why I am so understanding, how important the fear of God is, as I write, and try to explain, knowing Gods truth, even here, and I try to tell you all, about what I have learned, and to desire Gods pure word, I don’t impose myself, for God is a gentleman too, but I pray, the body of Christ wakes up…..We are not going in the right direction.


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A MATTER OF HONORING GOD (What are you going to do for Halloween?)

You know, people, make mistakes.  Even Christians make mistakes.

No one is perfect, no one is exempt.  The Bible tells us, we ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  You could call some mistakes, though, disobedience, and sin.  God knows the heart.

I have made mistakes, and even spiritual mistakes.  For I was one of those, who used to celebrate Halloween.  Even as a Christian.  And that just grieves me, if not for the blood of Jesus, I claim.  That cleanses me of unrighteousness.

But, if I did not tell you, I did do that, I would be a hypocrite.  For, as I have grown, in my walk with God, I realize, the evilness of this Holiday.  I realize God hates it.  I realize, that it is a matter of honoring God, once you get it through your head, heart, and spirit.  So, I am speaking against, this evil Holiday.

You have to start somewhere, even if your track record, was wrong.  You have to get on the straight and narrow path, with Christ.  Not through the wide gate, where the whole world will go.  And fall into the traps of hell.  You have to see….with spiritual eyes.  Truth.

One may have good intentions.  But if we give place to the devil by disobeying God, we will reap what we sow.  What goes around, will come around.  Some call it Karma.  That for the record, is not a Biblical term.

But in just trying to make this effective, in relating, we know, that this is a principle.  It is understood.  Like what goes up, must come down.  Sin does return.  And when you become a Christian, things in some cases might not necessarily, automatically, change.  If you do not change your behavior, from wrong to right.  And you do not renew your mind, with the word of God, to know, the truth, then your behavior, will stay the same.

It is like a person, who has broken the laws of the land.  Laws are meant to protect people, and the community.  But say, someone, robbed a bank, and they got caught doing it.

They knew, it was a crime, or even it was a sin, to steal, like the commandment says, but they broke the law.  And they did the crime.  Which, I pray, no one would do things like that.  Our prisons, are filled, with people, who were never taught right from wrong.  Maybe because they were never taught truth, from God.  They broke the law.  There was a loss, so society has implemented “laws” to protect the people, the society.  Same for Gods Kingdom.

Well, in understanding this, we need to know, that God, has created, laws, statutes, (not statues-idols) But God created, commandments, and principles, that define who He is, and who we can be in Him, as well.  It means, He has a certain way of doing things, from His “Kingdom” perspective.

Grace from God is such a wonderful, and good thing, in the life we live.  Grace, even in some situations, makes a person, think they get away with things.  But they don’t.  Sin, is accounted to a person.  It is written, in Gods books.

Thats why repentance, seeking God, to be delivered from temptation, and to bring everything to the obedience of Christ, is so important.  We must think always, in the forefront, and not take for granted, of what Christ did for us.  That allows us grace.  But someday, the grace will stop.  Either when we die, or when the world ends.  Or more specifically, when Christ returns.  That grace, will no longer be accessible.  It will be too late.

But lets just say, for the sake of just making a point, what would Christ tell you, if He did return on Halloween?  What would you tell Him, if He saw you in a silly costume?  Or He saw you, celebrating?  At a party where even the devil himself could be?  Because He wears a mask. He hides, in deception. He could be, where you were celebrating. You know, Christ, sees you anyway.  But what if Christ did return on Halloween, and the blinders came off of everyones eyes.  What would ALL think or say, in their shame?

That is why, it is so important, NOW, to make amends with God, to honor God.  This even in this holiday, is a time, to open ones eyes, to their heart, soul, and being.  Because God is not mocked.  Because, we see in this world, the turmoil, we see, the uncertainty of so much, from our financial systems  failing, to people, caught up in this, and that and the other, and we have to know truth.  Gods truth.

When any of us comes to Christ, we must want to be in a position of honoring him.  We must be mindful of His love, that spares us.  We must know, in our heart, of hearts, His power, His majesty.  His system, His Kingdom, is not based on a democratic, sense of thinking.  We are talking about God, and His ways, for they are not our ways.

So we must know, we must determine in our hearts, to want to obey Him.  To understand Him.  To avoid, offending Him.  The fear of God, is the beginning of wisdom.

Dear one, if I could express this, in a way, you could understand, remember this.  You may not think you are hurting anyone.  You may not think, you are giving place to the devil.  But, if you are doing anything, anything at all, that goes against Gods word, against His truth, or against His Kingdom, you will reap the results, from this.


Honoring God, by knowing His word, knowing Him, in prayer, will prevent results, that God only knows, can spare you even from Hell.

Dear one, Honoring God, is the greatest compliment, you can give to the one, who gives you life.  But honoring God is truly a reflection of love, that you have for the one, who gave His life, for you, so you can be spared.

Please for the sake of your salvation, consider this, do not take your salvation for granted.  Do not take for granted, the Love, that which God gives in His love.

In this matter of honoring God. you will consider this greatly.  If you love God, you will love that which He loves, and hate that which He hates.  Its not other people, its not you, its sin.  So God hates the sin, that separates you.  From Him.  That means, God hates the devil.

Halloween, is just one of those things God hates.  Because it is so deceptive.  So many people do not know the true origin of it.  And I could write about all of its origin and that it is pagan, etc.  All I will say, is that Holiday, comes from Hell itself.

It is deceptive, and crafty like the devil.  Never forget what the devil, did in the beginning to deceive Adam and Eve.  And his plan, is to always deceive.  But know this, you may not know all of Gods ways, but God can see so much clearer for you, if you just honor Him, and obey him.  He can protect you.  But what are you giving place to?

God tells us, in His word.  Woe to them, who call evil good, and good evil.  He tells us, that we are not to have fellowship with darkness, if we are light, for there is no benefit.  He tells us, to submit to Him, resist, the devil, and the devil will flee from us.  Submitting to God, honors God.

I do not understand, why churches, would even want to open their doors on that night, unless they had worship and praise to God.  But to allow children, Christian children a way, to dress up, and give them candy, is really condoning the evil holiday.  Its like putting a band aid on a wound.  Lord have mercy.  Remember it stems from hell.  By allowing them this.  They are unknowingly being disobedient to God.  Or do they know?  We cannot be “ify” in our walks with Christ.

We better know, what pleases Him, what Honors Him, and we better change our minds, and hearts, to reflect love, that shows who we are in Christ.

It is a matter of Honoring God.  In everything we do.  And as I close, I am reminded, of the scripture. Honor your Father, and mother, so it will go well with you.  Deuteronomy 5:16.

Well, let us honor, our Holy, blameless, uncorrupted Heavenly Father, because of who He is.  In all His power, and majesty.  The creator, of Heaven and earth.  In fear of God.  Let us separate ourselves, from anything, He does not want in our lives, and let us walk in the light.  For He is light.  And turn from the darkness.  For, He is love.  But let us hate, that which He hates.  For anyone, who does not hate what He hates, is saying they do not love him.  I Samuel 2:30

Do you really want to celebrate Halloween, knowing God hates it?  Read His word, to find out.  Search, and you will find the answers.

I also have to add, I am not anybodies judge.  I write this, to inspire your own thoughts, to bring perspective.  This is the word of God, and the truth of God, will prevail.

And I know….This is a strong message, but like I told a friend, you cannot sugar coat some things.  This is spiritual warfare, one can be dealing with, and if I can help someone, see the truth, and their life changes, then I have done my job.

Just my thoughts, with Love, and Honor to my Lord God.  Thank you Jesus.

Elena Ramirez


Lord, I thank you, I praise you, I worship you, in spirit, and in truth.  Holy God, King of Kings, I know, how important it is to honor you.  I pray, people would open their spiritual eyes, and see the lies from the devil.  That we would all submit to you, resist the devil, and he would flee.  Lord, you are not mocked.  I just grieve for those, who are so blinded by this.  Blinded by the enemy.  Blinded by the deceptiveness of this evil holiday.  By not seeing truth, by not honoring you.  I know there is grace, and I am grateful for that grace.  Lord, correct us in your love, while that grace is available. Help us.  In Jesus name.  I honor, what Christ did for me, by dying on the cross, and I pray, we would all just see that, and bring it to the obedience of Christ.  I pray, those who would read this, would have a change of heart, to honor you.  Amen



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