BE CAREFUL OF VOICES FROM FALSE PROPHETS ~ By Christian author Elena Ramirez


There are many voices, many who say they are called by the Lord. Many, may have good intentions. But I am very careful who I listen to. I am very careful, not to take every bodies word on a matter. Or anybody.

I think I have learned to be careful not to criticize as well, but I am careful. I take more time to pray about it, then jump to conclusions as well. Because of the spirit of deception. How we need discernment.

You see, there are those, who are wolves, in sheeps clothing. There are those, who may look, and sound like they are sheep. But they are not. Look at their motive. Is it for Salvations, is it to win people to God? Is it for money? Do they try to bait you, so you can give money?

And when they share a word, what scriptures is it based on? If its not a King James word, I am sorry, I shut the sound off, turn away, and will not receive anybodies word, on a matter. Because to me, it is corrupted word, that is not holy and anointed. So thats a big sign to me.

Because thats a voice of deception. Friends, be careful. I know you want to grow. I know sometimes, we can be so trusting. But, there are spiritual curses, that come with some of these false prophets, and you want to avoid them. We want to remember, we know Christ’s voice, and to another we will not follow.

The goal is always again, to have the mind of Christ, and to have discernment. Be careful what you receive, what you share, and who you listen to. I say this in Christ love.



By Elena Ramirez 




Please note, this is not a King James scripture.  I wrote this, before I learned of the discrepancies from other Bibles.  But my goal is still to please God.  Even though the KJV says this in different words, this may be one of few that I agree with the content.  But I want to make it clear in truth.

This scripture stood out to me, in such simple words, our goal is to please God. As Christians, this is what we should strive to do.  Are you trying to do that?  I am.  I recognize what Christ has done for me, and I so want to please him.  Not much is said about this, because people when referring to try to please God, sometimes, will use Ephesians 2:9 as an example,  NOT BY WORKS, SO THAT NO ONE CAN BOAST.  By confusing, works, with trying to please God.

Listen, and look, this is totally different.  Our works, cannot get us into the Kingdom of God, so it is correct, that we should recognize, that this is a gift, God has given grace, in accomplishing this.  Ephesians 2:8…..

But we should strive, to want to please God, making this our goal.  And even if our works, are part of the goal, in pleasing God, we should do so with a cheerful heart, a grateful heart, knowing, we have a great inheritance, because of Christ, and his sacrifice.  Knowing that by his stripes we are healed.  Knowing that he gave his life so that we could have life abundantly, on earth and in heaven.  Wanting to serve, God, and others.  Being obedient, to his word, and commandments.  Loving one another.  The greatest commandment, to love God, and then to love others.  He did the hard part, but we still have our responsibility.  Christianity, means you follow and obey the one, who gives life, because he gave his life.  For you.  It is just natural to want to please the one, who has done such a great sacrifice for you.

So, I make mention of this, to please God, because that scripture, not by works, so that no one can boast, has been taken out of context, and has been actually used by some, to interpret, they don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to do any “work” which is really a cop out, to who we are in Christ.  Thats why knowing what Gods word says, ourselves, clarifies this.  For I have heard from the puplit, just an emphasis on that, and people get lazy.  They think they do not have to do anything, and thats the furthest, thing from Christ and all that he did.  How can not doing any works, in his name please him?  You can’t please him that way.  You have to do the things he has called you to do in his name, and that is by some “works.”  Yet some distort this….

Did you know, trying to know God, trying to know what pleases him comes from reading the Bible? Those truths will stick to you, and you won’t be confused.  You will though, be able to understand what pleases God.  And its not by works….its by his love.  But you have to try making pleasing him, as your goal.

When Christ has come into our hearts, and we truly recognize, what he has done for us, and saved us from our sins, and that our names, are written in the Book of Life, we want to please God.  Thats our goal.  For there will be a time, when we will be out of our bodies.  So, the goal NOW, is to try and please him, so that when we are out of our bodies, we will see, and know, making the goal to please him, was the right choice.  Christ told us that our great commission is to go out into the world, and to be a light, that shines, for him, making disciples, telling them to obey Gods word.  Matthew 28:19.  We must have a right balance, in our works, and in what we do, to please him.

Your works won’t get you into heaven he did that for you.  But you have your responsibility, and work set out for you as well as a Christian.  So, never, ever think,  you have nothing to do as a Christian.  Keep the goal of pleasing God, as your incentive.  His sacrifice, was too great.  Not to so, would be an insult.  Let us strive to please our dear Lord.  Let this be our goal.

Just my Thoughts, and in his love….Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I thank you for your plan, that you loved the world, and myself, so much that you sent Christ, to take away the sins of the world to be a sacrifice.  But I realize, I have my part.  And I know my works, will not get me into heaven.  But I so want to please you, and I know there are times, when I need to serve you and others.  Help me, help us, to have the right attitude.  To not get lazy, to not get complacent,  in who we are in Christ.  Lord, help us to know what your word says.  Give us a hunger and a thirst for your word, to understand what pleases you.  Lord, I see, and I have seen this in myself, so I do not condemn anyone.  But we do take things for granted, and then we think we have nothing to do.  But you want us to know your truth, you want us to obey, and you want us never, ever to take Christs sacrifice for granted.  Yes, we do have work to do.  But only you deserve all the glory, and honor, and praise.  Oh Lord, how I pray, to please you.  Let this be my goal, in everything, I do.  In Jesus name, Amen

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