IMG_1485.jpgSometimes, there are no second chances with God, and people.  As I write this, I sense a bit of anger.  And so I want to be careful with this.  For the glory of God.  

I just see it so clearly right now.  I just see, how life, the life God gives to us, should not be wasted.  I have wasted life.  In so many ways.  I did not know better.  But, maybe, what I can share with you, may bring insight.

And its not over, till God says its over.  But when it is over, there are no second chances, folks, with God or with people.  

Sometimes we just have to see it, and grasp the moment.  For some, I pray, you grasp this.  

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.  Proverbs 4:2.  King James….  

See God is giving us good doctrine, to guide us, to teach us, to instruct us, and show us who He is.  That I see as King James word, but some folks, waste their time, using corrupt doctrine, and they forsake HIS laws, that tell us don’t change His word.  Because it is holy word.  And corrupt word, does not have the same affect or anointing.  

Or if one gets lazy, and does not seek God, what does that say?  Thats pride.  Thats saying, I can do it on my own. Thats just wrong.  

The world, has denied God, so are we going to go with the world?  I hope not.  See the enemy of God, wants you to miss it.  And there are lots of ways, the enemy distracts us.  Get close to God, so you get another chance.      

But you have to see, what kind of relationship do you have with God.  Are you working on it, with prayer, with love, with fear of God?

Or….If the indication, is there by the way we treat people, what does that say, about the way we treat God?

If we are not loyal to God, in obedience, love, respect, honor, yes fear of God, how can we have these attributes toward others?

I do get angry, when I see Christian leaders, treat God like an ATM.  With their phony prosperity message, that does not call out for the lost.  That does not treat salvation as a priority for this lost world.  I do get angry, when people are misled, by using unholy, corrupted Bibles.  I do get angry, when I see, how the devil has deceived so many.  

But I cannot turn that anger, into hate.  I cannot, be destructive.  I must seek the peace of God, that surpasses understanding.  But I still see the corruption.  So, I am at a place, where I am being quiet, and trying to hear Gods voice.  But I have my part.  In fear of God.  It makes me see, though…. that  we have to do something, we have to do our part.  Why do I care?    

Why?  Because I see the difference.  Been there, done that.  I see, my own mistakes.  I see, my own faults.  I see….  And sadly as well… I see….our lost world.     

Because people don’t have fear of God, or what He commands us.  And those chances, my friend, are dwindling.  Life is not forever on earth!


All I can do, is use my own life, as the reference.  And when I see, yes, the many mistakes I made in life, and even in my Christian life.  I grieve!  Yes, I grieve.  For not seeing it….

I pray, there is more time for me, to serve God.  I pray to make it up to Him.  I pray, to be fulfilled…. I pray, to make it right with Him, and others.  But I have to see my own mistakes, by His grace, and correct them, while there is time on this earth.

To grow, to fulfill my calling in Him.  He has brought me to a place, even right now, where yes, I fear God.  Because I see how fragile, I can be.  

Recently, I have been challenged in a few things, some that I will not elaborate here, but I am challenged, but when your health is off, and you know it, you know, that yes, you could leave this earth.  

So, what do you do?  

You try and get right with God, is my thought.  Because someday, I will, and you will, stand before Him.  

I read, a tweet, on Jim Caviezels page, that said something to the affect, “Live life, like its your last day on earth.”

So, my thought was, if thats the case, then I better live, my life, repenting daily.  Walking in fear of God daily, trying to walk in love with people, daily.  Trying to Love God with all I got. I am not perfect.  I have my faults.  

But I notice, I can extend grace to some, but they don’t extend it back to me.  And I have noticed, yes, I have asked God for this, and that, but He does not always give me what I ask.  Believe me, there are many lost dreams, I have had.

But, I am not going to deny God.  I am not going to reject Him, just because He does not give me what I want.  Because God has given me grace, my whole life through…

But people, will deny God, and others…..

People, so prideful, so mean spirited, get these attitudes, that treat life, and others shabbily.  Just because they don’t get their way with people, and with God, and thats wrong.  

See, I do have a history.  And when I look at that history, I realize, all the good things God has done for me.  I realize, I have missed it so many times.  With Him, and with people.  

My own personal relationships, I admit, in some, I have missed it.  Right now, I may have a couple of friends, but sometimes, I see, its only friendship, when I please them.  But if I don’t please them, they are gone….. 

Do I treat God like that?  I pray not.  I have my immediate family, who I cherish.  Who I thank God for.  But when I look at the past, and I see, my own broken family and who they were, and the chances they also had, with me, as I was growing up.  

I pray, to break curses, or  cycles, where, people I loved were only there for a moment.  In the good, and the bad, and when they left, there were no second chances.  No matter how much I longed for that, I did not get those chances. 

So what has all of this taught me, as I vent here?  That friends, God is teaching us, reaching out to us, through this journey called life.  But you can’t stay stuck.  You gotta grow.  You have to change, to be fulfilled.  

Stop looking at God, as an ATM.  Stop looking at Him, as if He has to do something, but you don’t think what can I do, to please Him, or serve Him.  This is where the growth stops, if you don’t try and please Him.  

Stop thinking about self.  Self, is just another indicator of who the enemy is.  See, we can get so preoccupied, with self, in that spirit, that we miss our own callings.  

We miss, how God can use us.  We miss, love.  See chances, are given, but if we misuse them, abuse them, abuse God, and others, we fail.  

I pray, to share this, with love, but yes again, I am kind of angry.  But it makes me realize, every day is a gift from God.  And my gift in return to Him, is what I do with it.  

See, His sacrifice for me on that cross was too great.  I cannot abuse it, by going back to sin.  I cannot abuse it, by not fearing the consequences of reaping what I sow.  I cannot treat people, like they don’t matter.  Even if they treat me like I don’t matter.  

Do you see, what I am trying to say here?

I just realize, and pray, that we all wake up.  Christ could return any moment.  Or our last breath, could happen at any moment.

Stop playing church.  Stop playing sanctimonious.  Or stop playing dumb.  Stop playing with life.  Stop denying God and people.  

Because you know what, we all do sin, we all do come short of His glory. Yes, I hate sin, I hate what it did to me, and stopped my own blessings as I reaped the consequences…

But sometimes, when I look at someone, I am reminded, that I once was where they were.  I had filthy rags.  I am nobody better, then anybody else.  

So, all I know, is though…

I don’t want to grieve my Lord Jesus.  With religion, (rules, regulations, traditions, made by men, or groups, or even by myself, trying to do things my way.)  Or my way, which leads to hell, if you read my past post.  

I just don’t want to miss it any more, to conclude this.  Yes, I pray for more chances with my Lord, and people.  But I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t want to just take things for granted.  Because we never know.  We just don’t know……  

Sometimes, you have to walk by yourself.  And you are not walking alone.  If you make sure, by repentance, that Jesus is walking with you.  You are walking with Jesus.  Just don’t let go of His hand, on this earth, so you can make sure, He will walk you into heaven.

To conclude this:  Folks, don’t let time go by without making it right with God.  Repentance, I have learned, with fear of God, is the best thing, I can do for my spiritual health.  Even on a daily basis.  

With people, apologize, if you need to, see again, its not worth pettiness, or pride, because sometimes there are no second chances.   Please, if you don’t get anything else from my message today.  Make it right with God.  Make it right with people.  For your own sake.  Please.  

I guess, I am just thinking of those who wanted to do this, and that, and did not get that chance, because they did not make Christ, Lord and savior.  I think of that sick person, who wishes they had served God, instead of denying Him.  So they could have had physical health, and good spiritual health.  I think of others, who are headed for hell, because they did deny Him.  And let money, or sin, take priority.  

I think of the broken friendships and family relationships, that could have been fulfilled, if someone had just said, I am sorry.  

But then it was too late, with God, and others….  

I just think, I have to share truth.  I have to share His truth.  I don’t want Him to say, what did you do Elena, with the chances I gave you?  

I don’t want that to be me, or you.  You see, I never want to hear from Him.  I never knew you.  

Read Matthew 7, from a King James, but this verse says it all.  How strange, this is the second time, God led me to give that to someone, and now, I see it for myself as well, more then ever….


You don’t want Him to say that to you.  Or even think it.  

Friends, think of the blessings you have, and then do something with it, and about it, for God, for others.  You have your part.     

Hope this helps somebody today.  

Blessings, and love, in Christ,

Elena Ramirez 



Version 2If you don’t stop looking for love in all the wrong places, the end result of your life will be trashy….Strong words, but truth, please wake up!

I really feel such a strong desire to write about this.  And when I do, I know, its from God Almighty.  So, I pray, my experiences, this that, what I am about to share with you, helps you, to realize, God does not want you looking for love in all the wrong places, as well.

I am older now, my experiences, have taught me many things.  But I learned, and I learned the hard way, that one should:  


Please allow me to elaborate.  

Right now, I am not looking for love.  I have a wonderful husband, and son, for over 30 years, we have been married, content, and in love, and we have our son, and so I am not looking for a mate.  

But when I was single, when I was growing up, I made many mistakes and had terrible judgment in this area.  I looked for love in all the wrong places.

I had low self-esteem.  I grew up, with my mom, raising me.  I had a father, I knew who he was.  He was a good man.  But he and my mother, did not get along, and were divorced, when I was just a child. 

So, I did not have that father figure to guide me.  

I have written about this in some similar posts, as my secret to true love.  But, I truly believe this.  That many of us, can get so lonely, so desperate for companionship, acceptance, a need to fit in, with others, that we can look for love in all the wrong places.

And I am not just talking about intimacy, or finding love, but just even in relationships, with friends, groups, etc.  We can look for acceptance, and actually compromise, who we are, because we can get so desperate.  It will distort your judgment. That you can even look for it in alcohol, or drugs.  Don’t do that, it will just make the problem worse, so that you cannot have a clear head in these matters.  

And I will elaborate on that as well.

But I know this worked for me, and years ago, after trial and error, I realized I had to change my method, or my approach to finding love.  I wanted true love. I went to God.  

He told me I needed to repent for my sins.  He showed me what He did on that cross for me.  He counseled me.  You know, He is my greatest friend, counselor, therapist, and adviser.  Theres none like God.  He is not imaginary.  He is very real.  He helps me, and helped me then as well.  

I began searching for truth, from my King James Bible.  And anyone that knows me, knows, I do not recommend any other word. Because it is not changed, or corrupted, as scripture tells us not to do.

Anyway….I began to see His ways, are not our ways.  The way of the world.  

The way of the world looks at love, as something cheap.  Its not.  Love em, and leave em, take what you want, thats not holy, and thats what you get.  Something that is not precious, something that is used, and thats not how God intended it to be for us.  Because He did not create us to have “trashy” spirits.  

So when I saw this, that love is not free, in that regard.  I began praying for the right mate.  I determined, that if God brought me a mate, I would do things His way.  Not mine, or the way of the world.  I promised Him, I would do things His way, and I do try.  

When I met my husband, I laid out some rules.  Because I liked him. And I did see potential.  But I did not want to ruin it with sex, or short changing myself, to try and please someone.  Who might, just take pleasure, and then leave.  Anyway, like they say, why buy the cow, when you get the milk for free?  

So, I told this wonderful man, I met, I wanted to do things right.  The way of the Lord.  So, he listened, and that gave him, respect toward me. 

Well long story short, a few months later, he asked me to marry him.  We got married, by holy matrimony, and we are trying in the way of the Lord, to live happily ever after.  

Has it been easy? No not always, but we work at it, we cherish each other, and honor each other.  Because we honored God to wait.   Because we did wait, and we honored God, we have a supernatural bond, that cannot be broken.  

Now, because I am older, I want you to see, by my experiences, that you can have true love, but you can also see, by what I share, that you need to stop looking for love, in all the wrong places.

I am also talking about just fitting in.  Or having friends.  I know myself.  I am a pretty loyal person.  But I have not always had that returned to me.  Right now, I just have a couple of people, that I call friends, that I love, but people change, and I have seen that in my life.  So, I don’t always trust that.  People can come and go…..

And, I don’t rely on people, to fill a void for me.  That void, is only met, as I seek God.  As I pray, as I read my King James Bible, as I stay away from any kind of sin.

I don’t even rely on family.  But I am very grateful for my immediate family.  That I have now.  

But when I say that, I am talking about other family relations.  See, it was just me and mama.  Daddy passed away first, even though, he did not raise me, I knew him.  He provided what he could.  Mama raised me, but life was hard on her.  I had no brothers and sisters.  I don’t even have family on any side, that communicates with me, besides an aunt.

So, I have adopted people in the past, loved them, like family.  But they abandoned me.  Well, like I said, people can change.  

But I also now look at what people represent.  Do they compromise values?  Do they respect themselves?  Do they lie?  Are they mean?  Do they have integrity?  I am careful now not, to just be a friend with anybody, any more.  I value myself that much, that if someone wants to be my friend, they have to be for real, in having some good values.  ….They have to prove it, to me, now.  

Any way, I feel like there is someone, I am talking to.  Someone, who wants to fit in.  And you are about to compromise yourself, or values, that make you special, in Christ.  Don’t. 

The other day, because I am a Conservative Christian, on social media, someone told me something, and it kind of hurt my feelings, but it made me realize the truth too, because I was supporting something.   This someone told me; you will never fit in with them, because you are Hispanic, and you may agree with them, but they will not accept you.

And that stung.  Because I am an American.  I have legal rights, as an American.  Born and raised here, with indigenous roots.  So….I know who I am.  I am fairly educated, even though in some areas of that, I do lack, because I did not go to college.  

But I realize, even in some Christian circles, I will never be accepted.  By some.  And I am not the kind of person, that looks for race, as my outlet.  So, I don’t use it for, or against anyone either.  But some do.  

But it made me realize, I don’t need to go looking for love, in all the wrong places.  Or even in political circles.  Or even in the body of Christ.  In fact, sadly there are those in the body of Christ, who have hurt me the most.  

I have tried, to be accepted, even in my writings, as my gift.  And hoping, doors would open for me, and they have been shut.  Why?  I don’t know?  Is it the race card, I don’t know, but I know, by some, I will not fit in.  My writings, publishers, have turned away.  If people share my thoughts, thats great, but I don’t ask any more.  

So, I don’t try and second guess any more, because life is too short, to keep banging on doors, that just won’t open. And I don’t compromise by flattery to have those doors open either.  Though, I am nice, polite, I don’t beg. 

I don’t go looking any more, for acceptance, or for favor, or to fit in.  I don’t need drugs, or anything to be a comfort.  

I am content, with what God has given me, in my family, and in Him.  No, I wanted more, in this life I live.  But I see I did reap, what I sowed, in other ways, but now, I don’t care to try, to please people. 

Yet, I see so many hurting, lonely people, that I have compassion for, and the love of Christ rises in me, to want to help, but I also know, in all honesty, we reap what we sow.  

If I could sit a young woman down, and talk to her, maybe she could understand. But since I am not in a position to even be in that “circle” maybe what I write, here, could help her, or him, not to sell yourself.  Not to give yourself away.  

There are valuable attributes, to claim, when you respect yourself. And, no matter where you are, you do not have to give yourself away, to be a part of something good, or great.  

Now, I know God has taught me this, to respect myself, but it did come with some heartache.  But I know, where ever He may lead me, I don’t have to look for love.  I don’t have to beg people to accept me.  I don’t have to compromise my values, in Christ, for acceptance, or to be a part of something.  

I don’t.  And I will not.  

Please just know, you need to “Stop Looking for Love in all the wrong places.”  Don’t take anything to fill that void, clear your spirit.  By not polluting it, or your body. Go to God, He will fill that void in your life.  He knows what you need, He does not make you suffer, just to suffer, but He will correct you, because He loves you. And so suffering does sometimes come with correction.  

Ensure your salvation with Christ.  And I would tell anybody that.  Hell is real, even on earth.  Even if you were a Christian at one time.  Rededicate yourself to Christ.  

Repentance, always clears the slate.  Talk to Him, He is your greatest friend.  You don’t need to beg anybody, or compromise yourself to be with people.  You may long for it, but when God closes one door, He will open another.  

And maybe thats where I am at right now, because I see some doors closing, even now, that I won’t elaborate on, but I am so hopeful, for just a new beginning for me and my family.  

But people will not always be happy for you.  Nor will they support you, because they do not see the value in you, because they don’t see the value in themselves as well.  Some people will purposely try to hold you back.  But you don’t have to give them that advantage over you, if you do things the way of the Lord. 

So move on, and let God guide you.  Your heart will mend, if you do things His way.  Your peace, will be fulfilled, and you will find your heart mended, and that void will go away.

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places…

Just remember this.  God is love.  He is Holy.  Love, real love, can only be fulfilled by Him, and through Him.  Anything else, sorry to say, is not pure, its not good, its not worthy of you losing your soul over. Anything else, could be counterfeit.  If He is not in it.  For you would be missing, the love God could give you.   


I John 4:7-9 King James.  

I hope this helps someone.  Feel free to share this, or to comment, below.  I will gladly pray for you.  

Blessings, in Christ,  Elena Ramirez 



IMG_1106I like to get to the root of things.  I may see the symptom of this, or that, or the other, but I always wonder, what caused this?  So I try to search and see what is the root of that matter.  

Sometimes, I do that with communicating as well, I go straight to the source, and usually that leads me straight to what God says, not what man says.  

So I ask you, as a Christian, are you caught up in an agenda, that may cause you to sin?  I am asking you to look at the root of why you support an agenda.  

I seem to see that a lot lately.  In political matters as well, and well I will save that conversation for another time perhaps.  

But, I do notice that people, tend to get passionate about something, and everything may point in one direction, but is that where it started?

See, the enemy is very deceitful.  And he may bring an “agenda” to your attention, and you may see something, that you think is right, and you may begin to become involved in it.  

But as a Christian, you are commanded to obey God, so you need to pray for discernment.  And you are to be very careful, because the enemy, will use people, even people, you respected or honored, to deceive you.  Because they were deceived as well.  Or even people in the body of Christ.  

I learned a long time ago, to avoid this.  Follow Christ.  Not people.  They can become a form of idolatry, that the enemy will use, to deceive you.  I don’t follow people.  I don’t support anyone, and I am careful, even if I like some in the body of Christ.  

Because all honor, glory, and praise should go to God, not people!  

Recently, I saw a prominent pastor, be very passionate about a matter, and he seemed to speak some truth about the matter, but what really got my “red flag” up, was that he became disloyal to someone, he had supported.  He suddenly became very outspoken, yet, he seemed to discount, other indicators, of why, it was happening.  Even in legal matters.  

It all of a sudden, became about us.  And he used the body of Christ, as us.  And when ever, I see, any kind of statement, that dismisses, Christ, and it becomes, “self” I see the enemies hand in this.  Self, is prideful, it is jealous, and it is disobedient to God.  You have to get to the root of it, and see the symptoms that are symbolic, in some matters.  

He got caught up in an agenda.

And agendas, can be good, but if there are indicators, that go against what God says, then you need to be careful.  

Look at the fruit.  You will know them, by their fruit.  



And I think this is why I am writing about this today.  I saw his fruit.

Is there an “agenda” that you see, that you support, that you even think is right, but you then become a hater?  Do you start defending an agenda, and throw away, what Christ says?  Like loving one another?  Do you get so caught up in it, that you get on the wrong side, and begin fighting?  Against other Christians, brothers and sisters?  Do you become an accuser?  The Bible tells us there is a place in hell for the accuser.  Read Revelation 12:10 from a King James.  

Now, I know, there are wolves in sheeps clothing, and I know, that there are deceivers, so you do need to be careful.  And many say they are Christians, but when I see, hate, or I see, hypocrisy, or lies, I speak up.  Or I see a tendency, to twist scripture.  Or only pick some of the word, and not all of it. I mark, them, and have nothing to do with anyone, who wants to find a loop hole, or dismiss what God says.  

Because the goal, of the enemy is to trip you, and steal your crown.  And don’t fool yourself, salvation can be lost.  If sin, is un-repented.  

But, you need to see what God says first.  Don’t play, with sin, and think there is grace.  God will judge. 

I have to do a check, on myself, now and then, because I will be honest, I have made mistakes in judgement.  

But I always have to look at the fruit.  At myself, and with others.  And agendas, can be nice, but if there are “hypocritical” tendencies, from someone, who has an agenda, and they try to bring it to your attention, I am like, “Ugh No!” thats not what my King James Bible says.  

I become very literal in some matters.  Is money involved? Because money, can be the root of evil. Is that why you like the agenda?  There are check point questions you need to ask yourself about any agenda.  

And the enemy will even use the word of God against someone, to trip them, into an agenda.  Don’t fall for it.  Especially, if they do not practice, what they preach.  Thats so hypocritical.  They say one thing, but yet, do not honor something else, thats related.  You have to see the hypocrisy.  And then search the King James bible yourself.  If you are wrong, admit it. 

I truly believe, now is a time, to pray, to seek the truth, from our King James Bibles, see what God says on the matter, and look at the fruit.  Stop, look, and listen.  And if you have to pull back.  Don’t get involved.  

Is an agenda, worth, losing your soul over?  No.  

Just be careful, “Just my thoughts,” on this matter.  

In Christ’s love, Elena Ramirez 




I was depressed, beginning Good Friday.  It was a different kind of depression.  I was so sorry, for my past sins, sins, I have repented for.  I was depressed for lost time.  

I was so depressed, that I got off of Social media, early that day, even though, I do get off, for Sabbath, which starts Friday evening.  I got off social media, early in the morning.  I was challenged.  

I was troubled, I felt like the things I saw, and viewed on Fb, etc.  Were so negative.  So, challenging.  I saw spiritual leaders, proclaiming things like hell wasn’t even there, and it just angered me.  I knew, I could not stay on line, with all the things I was seeing, it bothered me.  It depressed me.  I want to be a good example, but if I had stayed on, I probably would have gotten into an argument.  I had to quiet my soul, my spirit…

Because it was as if the enemy, was laughing, and it made me sense, to know, that we are in end times.  It is a lost world out there.  And when I see, even good natured Christians, so oblivious, to the times, I just want to scream out, can’t you see, there are lost souls out there?  What can we do?  Jesus died for our sins.  

And rather then argue, or make anybody feel bad, or angry, I just got off line.  

It made me think of how the disciples must have felt, after our Lord Jesus, was crucified. They must have felt hopeless, they must have felt so discouraged.  How could they have hope in His resurrection?  They did not know that He would arise from the dead?  Or did they?


 What about doubting Thomas?  He did not believe.


How can we believe?  How can we trust God?  Well, from my own experiences.  I just have a sense to know, there is no other option but to believe.  And to trust God.  For me anyway. I have to try and obey, and I have to try and serve God with all my being.  I have to watch my step, and my love walk.  I have to remember Gods power, and to have fear of God.  I have to remember always the sacrifice of Christ.  

I grieved this weekend.  It was a very strange sense of depression I had.  I felt pretty hopeless, to be honest.  I am not going to lie.  There are factors in my life, that just don’t seem to find resolution, or healing in, and I actually felt this week, that the enemy mocked me, laughed at me, and told me, “I have stolen so much from you.”  I hate thieves.   I hate what they represent.  Anyway, hate is such a strong word, but I hate what the devil has stolen from me.  

But I did have a sense of hope, to know only God, can restore.  So I prayed…

This has helped me.  

Today, Resurrection Sunday, I did not go to church.  I don’t have a church to go to.  But, I woke up with some joy.  I woke up, knowing that today is the day, the Lord has made, and I will rejoice in it.  I woke up, knowing that Christ has risen.  I woke up, knowing the disciples saw Christ again, and were joyful, and their sorrow, sadness, depression, was changed that Resurrection Sunday, because of Christ.  

I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me….  

“Find joy, in the little things.”

So profound, but it stirred my spirit up.  The little things, the little things, that do bring me joy.  Oh I could say them, even here, but I don’t want you to confuse my “Little things” with your little things, or big things for that matter.  

Because we are all different.  We all have different lifestyles, experiences, hardships, and well comparing is never good.  

But we must be united in that love.  That love that binds us closer to Christ.  Christ said, in John 13:35 KJV.  Thats how they will know we are his disciples, by the love we have, and for one another.


Love is not a little thing, but beginning to love, as small as it is, for whatever reason, can make it bigger. 

So, I have a different perspective, this morning. My Lord, has taken my griefs, and sorrow, and healed my spirit.  

This Resurrection Sunday.  I just have a sense, that small things can grow into big things.  But, I am not looking at that, I think I am just searching to find the beauty and joy, in just what Christ has given me, provided for me, shown me, and revealed who He is in these matters.  I just know, I fall short of His glory.  I just know, I am imperfect, and have flaws.  I just know, only He can heal me, save me, and bless me.  

So, I am sharing.  I am sharing, what has blessed me, as I am so grateful for my Salvation.  You know, Salvation, is such a gift, its a big gift, one should never take for granted.  But, having the realization that I was a sinner, long ago, and just accepting Christ as my savior, repenting, may be a small thing to some, but as small as that awakening was, it is, the biggest thing, I could do for my life.  

I am grateful.  I am finding joy, in the small things in life…..

Life is too short my friends, to be depressed.  To be sorrowful, to let the enemy steal our joy.  When Christ paid the biggest sacrifice for our sins, He paid the penalty for our sins.  Thats a big thing……  I never want to take for granted what He did on the cross for me.  

Because He told me in my spirit, this morning to “find joy, in the little things.”  I intend to do so, to be mindful, to look for the little things, so I can have hope.  

Blessings and love, 

Elena Ramirez



I SO ADMIRE WHEN SOMEBODY APOLOGIZES ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_0101I saw an example of someone apologizing today, and it released the other person.  It took the blow of it away.  It was not toward me, but it is someone I do love, and I saw how that person, struggled, because of the offense.  I could relate.  But after a day, the other person apologized, and released this person I love.  That did my heart good.  So good I am writing about it.  

I do, admire when someone apologizes.  It takes courage, it takes truth, a humbleness, an ability to throw away pride, and say, I am sorry.  I made a mistake.  I was wrong, please accept my apology.  

It seems like many do not know how to do that, any more.  It seems like pride, takes over often.  And to admit ones fault, they think is beneath them.  Or makes them look inferior.  But not to God, He sees….And He will judge. 

So many times, its not that one might not even have the right, to be offended, with someone, but its the way, they handle it. 

With either, grace or accusations, or even jealousy.   Thats the wrong approach.  Getting into someones business.  

Pride, is such an ugly spirit, that holds one back from apologizing, and it hurts us.  It really does.

I do have a forgiving spirit, I guess, because I longed for it so much, growing up, but grace was not extended to me.  And I know when people are gracious to me, or giving me the silent treatment.  It does tick me off, because I don’t react like that. To others.  

So I am mindful, that pride is not seen, by God or others. I learned early to be accountable, and not make excuses.   I have learned, Christ taught us to forgive.  But it also goes hand in hand, with this thing in being apologetic, and accountable.  

Yet, when grace is not extended to me, I do get put off, by people, who cannot even humble themselves, to be accountable, and say.  “You know what I made a mistake.”  They don’t make excuses, they just say I am sorry, and then go from there.

They don’t throw other issues in the air, they admit their wrong doing, and stick with the issue.

Being mature, being humble, to say, I am sorry, I am sure, is beautiful in the sight of the Lord.  

Stand your ground, when you are offended, but extend grace if someone really is sincere.   But yes, I do need to reflect in this, forgive.  You see, being unforgiving, is a poison.  And you don’t want that in your soul.  So forgive even if you don’t get an apology.

 I really do respect it, and love seeing it.  If someone apologizes.   That tells me, they want to grow.  They want to please God, and they realize, they had no room themselves, to act like they did.  

But to each their own.  I have learned, you cannot make someone do something like this, unless they really see the error of it.  

Sad thing is, because one never knows….

I would rather, apologize, and repent to God now, before its too late, before chances go by, before even leaving this earth.  

See we know when we are wrong or right, and if pride is telling us we are right when we are wrong.  Its called a a “conscience” and if you don’t get that red flag, you may be far out.  And you may need to do some major repenting.  Because you are hearing the wrong voice.  Thats not Christ.

Something to think about, “Just My Thoughts,” today….

Blessings, and love,

Elena Ramirez 


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WHEN YOU SEE A FRIEND GO TO THE DARK SIDE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_3886There are signs, there are signals, one might see, if they have a friend, that goes to the dark side.

And you grieve for them, because you love them.  But you cannot do anything.  Because God gives us a choice.  Its always a choice.

But when someone, purposely has pride, will not be humble, will not forgive, will not communicate, will believe a lie, and actually fight you, to maintain all that, hate.  

Well….all you can do is walk away.  When someone, will bring up offenses, over and over again, that is not forgiving.  

See, the enemy, has deceived them.  And when any of us, purposely disobey God in matters of forgiveness, well, thats giving place to the enemy.  Thats going to the dark side.  

See, our words do matter.  When one makes a commitment, to love God, and love one another, one takes it to heart.  You don’t just say it when its convenient, or when its going good.  But through all times.  

But I was not the one who made the choice to close the case but her.  And, to depart from that, is a choice, and its a choice, that brings darkness.  God sees.  

Scripture says, a friend, loves at all times, not when its convenient.  Or when, everything is alright.  Love, does love through, the disagreements, the silence, and even, the hate.  

See, I know, I love someone, someone, I called a sister, a friend, who for so much showed friendship and loyalty, to me, but when it came down to it, she was not accountable, to her own behavior.  I still love this person, but I see, she has stepped into the darkness.  And now I just grieve for her.  

Because now she is just someone, who wants nothing to do with me, ever again.  And I respect that.  It does hurt, but I am grateful, I have my armor on, and I will quench those fiery darts from the enemy, that he uses, from my frien-enemy to throw at me.  

I am careful, always, to offer forgiveness, because I know myself, that if we are not pleasing God in this, He will not forgive us.  And the record shows I did. But she rejected it.  

I may have made mistakes, in fact, I know I did, in friendship with this person, I am thinking about.  But the grace was not there for me.  And I kept seeing it, and yet I offered grace, but she would not.  She offered me the silent treatment, closed the case, and let obscenities be spoken about me.  That is not love.

So, when you don’t see grace, that is a signal, that this person, has their blinders on.  Sad thing is, if you keep your blinders on, and do not obey God,  You can miss it.  And walk right into the enemies camp, of darkness.  And he only comes to kill, steal and destroy.  Even friendships, based on prayer, and God.  Especially those kind, and that was the kind of friendship we had, at one time.  

Sad thing is though, when you see other friends, contribute to that, and take sides, well they have gone to the dark side with that person.  I REBUKE THAT, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  I MARK THAT, AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM EITHER. 

We pray for people, but we also know, its a choice.  You want to pull them out of the fiery flames, but when people silence you, want nothing to do with you.

 You go, on, with Christ.  Christ said, as His disciples, we were to love one another.  He said, that we were to forgive.  He said, that love would show we were His disciples.  I have tried, but I am done.  

I will try and not write about this person, ever again, concerning this person.  Because this person, did not care, that she wounded me.  But this is how I heal.  And I have nothing further to say, you see, I tried. And I know it.

I have so many cards from this person, so many reminders, of a commitment, that she just forgot about.  So I may do some purging, of gifts, and reminders. 

Make sure you have done all you can in love, and forgiveness, and let the record reflect that.  Because there is one.  And God sees.  

If you can relate to my friend, I  implore you to repent to God.  I don’t expect an apology at this point, from her, but if I can warn someone, don’t go to the dark side.  


Blessings, and love,

Elena Ramirez 

WHY IS FAVOR DECEITFUL? ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

Version 2

Why Is Favor Deceitful?  By Christian Author Elena Ramirez 


I have to say first, that I fear God.  I have learned that, in my journey of life.  I know there are consequences to sin.  I know, that I have reaped what I have sowed, many times.   So I fear God.  I fear the one, who can part heaven and earth on my behalf.  I fear God, who has the final say, as to whether or not Heaven or hell is my home for eternity.  I fear God.  I have learned this.  

Yet there is grace, and there is a compassion, and mercy, that God extends, but I have to be honest.  Thats favor.  

 And I always want to make you think…. Even as I ask this question. Why is favor Deceitful? For the above scripture says it is. And I believe Gods King James word.

Thats why this blog is called, “Just My Thoughts”, but I know its not me, its God, and He gives me the inspiration, I do have.  I call that favor. And I really study His word, to pray, to have the mind of Christ.  But I don’t take it for granted, because I know its a gift.  And if He favors me to do that, I want to do it, at my best ability, for His glory.  But I also realize….

In my own personal life….

Favor, has not been a strong force in my life.  Even according to the worlds standards.  Doors haven’t flung open.  People, and help has not come my way.  Money has not been a great favor either.  And maybe thats good.  Things, have not easily come to me.  

Yet, He meets my every need.  When I need.  Thats favor as well. I am trying to find the balance in this, because I am grateful.  But yet, I haven’t had great favor from people, even from family.  Or friends, I realize.  As I write this.  

I have had my struggles, and I won’t go into all the details.  But, on the subject of favor, and in my humble opinion, I just have a sense, even lately, that we can miss it.  One can take things for granted.  And I think thats a dangerous place to be.  

You can miss it, if you have favor.  And this is why I believe the scripture says it can be deceitful.  It may handicap you so you don’t strive for the excellence, from God, in fear of God.  

Because you think, you know what?

He loves me, this is a great life I live, and I have His favor.  So you stop trying….

You stop trying to please God.  You stop taking the commandments to heart.  His law. You start puffing yourself up, like you are a know it all, or you might even think you are better then somebody else.  So many people in our world, deny God, because they think its all about them, and that is just wrong.  

And when I give an analogy, of why I feel even here, why favor can be deceitful, it is because it could, cause one, to stop growing.  

Just think about it. Think about the beautiful people you know.  People, that are handed things in life, without much of a struggle, they have favor.  But when you look at them sometimes deeper, you realize like all of us, they have flaws.  But yet, they think they are better.   The light might be on, but who is inside?  

The flaws, may not be on the outside, because they are beautiful.  But inside, they are broken.  But they might not see it.  They are, content, even to say, that they don’t feel like they have to try.  I have met people like that.  I have met some people, who like to play at being dumb, and thats a dangerous place to be.  They put the “duh” in dumb.  

And they may even say they believe in God, but there is something, I see, and I relate it to scripture.  That is missing, and is it because favor was deceitful?


They deny the power thereof.  I will repeat that, they deny the power thereof, because I think, they believe, the favor they have, or may I even say, the “grace” they have, makes them think they don’t have to even say, please or thank you.  

They don’t have to try, they think its all a given.  The favor.  They think they deserve it.  Just because they are on this earth.  Wrong.  Turn away from those kind of examples.  And those kind of people, they should not be your role model.  Jesus should be.  

Do we deserve favor?  I used to think I did. I used to think, I deserved it.  I used to think, just because I served, God, I deserved it.  But, at this point in my life, with all my own failures, and my own flaws, I don’t think I deserve favor any more.  

Maybe thats sad, to expect it, or want it, and evens ay that here, but maybe its for the best, I have not had great favor.  Now I know, I am the head, and not the tail.  According to scripture, but I want to find the right balance, that pleases God.  

Maybe, because I have learned the hard way, to work for what I have, to be my own person, in Christ, and not take anything for granted.  To study who He is, personally.  And see His attributes, His beautiful characteristics.  

To not take a religious figure, and put them on a pedestal, because we all can miss it.  Because that is also idolatry.  And God gets jealous.  But to just be thankful, for what I do have, and give God glory, because I see the difference.  

See, grace and favor, are great, to have, and I am not an idiot, I would love it.  But, I have learned, as well, that favor, can be deceitful.  The enemy, can distract you, and have doors opened, that may make you, think its favor from God, but it may be a test.  How about that idea?  Hmm…..

I was just talking about this with a friend, lately, that, I am sometimes hard on myself.  But, I would rather be hard on myself, and see the error of my ways, then to offer myself grace, and miss it.  

I don’t want to miss being accountable to God and others.  Growth can only happen when we see the error of our ways, repent to God, and in that process, perhaps apologize to someone, or try to make it up, in one way or another.  But more to God.  To change more like Christ.  To get my eyes off of me, my problems, and look at how Christ relates to it.  

But if you have constant favor, you might not try.  So, you be the judge, in it, concerning your own life.  Yes, I long for favor too, but in it, I just pray, I will not grow cold, indifferent, desensitized, or I will not get puffed up, or full of myself and forget where I came from.

This West side kid, from Denver, Colorado, knows her humble beginnings.  I know where God has brought me, from.  I know, I am nothing without Jesus.  I know I hit rock bottom at one time.  I know, that I fell through the cracks in many ways.   

Maybe thats all the favor I need.  Because He saved me.  He reached out, and saved me.  I will take it, and be thankful.  I will also serve Him, for the rest of my life.  Whether I have extra favor or not.  

God already proved Himself to me, and I know it.  He does not have to jump through hoops for me.  I know He saved me, I know my God.  And I also, know there is a lost world out there.  I know, many need to see His light, and I will try and shine it.  

And I pray if I ever get any more favor, I will always be mindful to consider those scriptures above, and not deny the power, thereof.  Because then the scripture would be fulfilled to say that yes, favor is deceitful.  And I don’t want favor to be deceitful in my life.

 Just saying….in just these thoughts of mine.

Blessings and love,

Elena Ramirez