Whats missing from the conversation on illegal immigration, in the United States?

The answer: Love and the facts.  The facts, well…

I am addressing this for a few reasons.  And one, is because History, has not given a full account of who we are as a culture.  As Hispanics.  Or Latinos.  And that is a fact, that we will not let history repeat itself.  

Try searching for our contributions to this nation, in your political correct books.  Its not there.  Its not in our school books, or Social Studies, for students.  Or at least it was not taught when I was growing up, in the sixties.  And I think many of us as Hispanics, we want to set the record straight.  And clear the air.   We are a part of this nation.  And history, if you look deeper our contributions will clarify that.  

As a Christian and a servant of the most high God, I have to mention love first, because as I listen to these political candidates discussing immigration, one principle, and component, that is missing,  is the love, with compassion for people.

The King James Bible tells us, that we are to treat the stranger, the alien with love, as we would ourselves.


Do you see the words “love that stranger”? That is missing from the conversation of the candidates.  And if any candidate says he is a Christian or reads the bible is missing that. If he is talking about immigration.

Because we are called to love one another.  And we are called to be kind, and merciful.  We are called to be an expression of Christ in love, and Christ told us, this is how we will be known as the disciples of Christ.  With love.


I can write this, and say this, because I am an American, Hispanic, Christian writer.  I understand discrimination.  From my own life, even as a Christian, and a Hispanic, but from the history, my family shared with me that happened to them in the Eisenhower Era.  Horror stories of discrimination, and racial profiling.  Of mocking someone, and calling them names, by denying them services in restaurants, stores, and businesses.  And even jobs.  A means to support themselves and their families.  Discrimination.

And from my perspective as I listen to these candidates, I recognize the problem of illegal immigration, but one cannot treat people with rudeness, a dismissive attitude, that is actually instigating hate from these candidates. Violating civil rights.  And I do have to be careful here, and not mention all of the candidates in this group.  But one.  And I will not say his name, for more publicity.

I also see it, from the rhetoric, from behind computers, that screams racial discrimination, and racial profiling.  People are taking this, and feeding on it, and yes behind their computers, are rudely, telling people to go back to Mexico.

Now lets talk about that for a second.  Because the fact is.…Many Hispanics are Americans, and can relate to the problem of illegal immigration.  But we want our borders secured.  We want an administration, that will apply the laws, and rules and regulations, in an effective manner to protect our borders. This is a fact, though, I know not of one poll that was taken.  To clairify this.

I have not talked to one Hispanic American who wants illegal immigration.  So why does the conversation have to take this kind of tone?  This kind of rhetoric?

The problem will not be solved, by spending millions of dollars, to “round up” Hispanics, and boot them back to Mexico.  The government and yes all citizens of the United States, should have figured that a long time ago.  And now, with things so out of hand, you propose sending “Anchor” babies as you call them back to Mexico?  How can you take the Fourteenth Amendment, and now call it illegal?  These American babies have rights.  But to propose to round up all these people, who are part American as well is just wrong.  I hope a solution is found.

But lets talk for a moment about immigration.  For over 500 years, Hispanics, have integrated into American society.  We have fought wars, side by side, with other races for the United States, and we have contributed to this great land, and paid our dues, and our taxes.  Not as Hispanics.  But with the goal in mind to be united in the United States for one cause, to protect this great land, and the freedoms it offers.  And now with this kind of rhetoric we are denied, the grace we have strived for.  And earned.

And for people to use this kind of rhetoric, based on the way someone looks, is racial profiling, and discrimination.  Which is very insulting to our culture.  Especially if you talk to Hispanic Americans, they can tell you a little bit of history, and the “hardships” they have had, in just assimilating into the culture of America.  But one thing, about most American Hispanics, is we are hard workers.

We take the jobs, nobody wants, and we take a work ethic seriously, and apply ourselves.  We are not asking for a handout, or to change the culture like some who come here and try to change traditions, rules, etc.  We want to work.  I want to work as a writer.  But even Christian organizations won’t give me the time of day.  Which is just my personal take and experience on it.  But I know we take pride in working hard.

But we are also educated.  We know, that in this culture an education is needed.  We contribute as law officers, firemen, teachers, real estate brokers, and so much more.  Education has given us these opportunities.

We are a whole country of immigrants, “illegal, and legal”, from the beginning of molding this country into where it is now.  This is why it has been ignored. The subject of immigration.  Where America turned the other eye.  Because if you look at many, some, they never did it legally.  They just came to America.  And assimilated.

But now we have financial problems, and we do need to control the borders, not only financially but secure it for reasons, that protects us all, from intruders, and those who want to harm people, just because they are Americans.  And the truth of the matter is, the system failed.  And now, because the system failed you want to penalize people, pull them up by their roots, divide families, and send them back somewhere, where they may not even belong?  

When did that happen last in History?  I implore you?  When?  History should not repeat itself in this way.  

I want to address this, because what I see if we do not change the conversation, the tone, their will be retaliation. There  will be a rift in this country so great, that it will taint this country and its history, with hate.  God forbid there would be another civil war.  American Hispanics, Hispanics, illegal, or legal, will not condone or accept being treated this way.

I know my roots.  I know my culture, I know my heritage of the people I identify with as Hispanics.  By growing up, in this country, that enough is enough.   We offer the best of ourselves, we offer love, and hope, and accept others.  To live and let live.  But we will not accept discrimination.  We just will not.  

Be warned, and I actually say this in love, we will not accept this kind of behavior.  And God forbid it goes any further, but I know if this kind of rhetoric is not challenged, and people do not see the hypocrisy, by being a part of this kind of hate conversations.  

There will be a fight.  And thats all I can say.  Careful with my own words.  Because I know first as a Christian I am called to love.  And forgive.  But not all my people see it that way.  For when people come to the point where push comes to shove it will be returned.  I just know my culture.  And my heritage as also a legal American.  I know the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.   

And I know we would rather be United, so we all can stand.  Because divided, we will fall as a nation.  But America needs to see the problem, with love and compassion.  And know the facts.

We have roots so deep in America, most of us, that you cannot lump everyone in this basket of hate.  And tell them to leave this country, when their roots are deeper than those whose agenda is based on hate.  With forefathers, who are a part of the land.  And its history.  With American Indian blood.  As also a part of their genetic heritage.  

We need to love one another.  We need God, more then ever.  America needs to repent, and find its way back to God.

Folks, and that just does not seem to be on anybodies agenda.  We need order.  We need our borders secure.  We need common courtesy and respect, and acceptance of who we are in America.  As we offer it to you as well, and your ethnic differences, that make your race great.  What ever that race or ethnicity may be.

But we need to see the problem.  Leaders have to have the mind of unity, and not division in this country.  For all races, and all people.  They need to speak it out in their speeches, to unite people instead of instigating a fight.  Or with silence.  With a solution, that does not require hate. Please see this, before this gets out of hand.  We all have to see this.  We all have to see our own behavior, and be accountable.

Truth of the matter is, whatever decision that is we are accountable to God.  I pray, it is with compassion and love.

Thank you, Elena Ramirez

Dear Gente, my beautiful people who are created in the image of God. Our culture like any other want to live and let live. All people are created in the image of God but not all people feel that way at this time. All babies are gifts from God, in the heritage of our culture. This is why I will vote Republican. But I will not vote for racists or haters. Be strong in who you are. Be courageous. Let us be educated and particapators of the voting process. Our American Hispanic votes count. God bless you… Let us seek God in these times.

Querida Gente, mi gente bella que es creados a la imagen de Dios. Nuestra cultura como cualquier otra quiero vivir y dejar vivir. Todas las personas son creadas a la imagen de Dios, pero no todas las personas sienten de esa manera en este momento. Todos los bebés son regalos de Dios, en el patrimonio de nuestra cultura. Por esta razón voy a votar republicano. Pero no votaré por racistas o enemigos. Ser fuerte en quien eres. Ser valientes. Ser educado y proceso de particapators de la votación. Nuestra América hispana votos cuenta. Que dios te bendiga…

Debemos buscar a Dios en estos tiempos.