PLEASE NOTE UPDATE May 4th 2011:  It has been over a year since I wrote this.  But, approximately, two months ago, I have been observing the Sabbath.  Friday evening, to Saturday evening. To honor God.  To be closer to Him.  To do it His way.  He says the Sabbath.  I turn off the computer, turn off the phone, and try to refrain, from doing things, that will keep me from Him.  I so feel closer to Him.  I cannot explain it.  But there is a sense, of pleasing Him.  A greater expectation of who HE is.  Such sweet love, and goodness, and knowing, He is able, in all things.  I am in awe.  May God guide you….as you read.  Blessings.  

The Sabbath, or Sunday is a Holy day, that we should observe.  According to God, His word says the Sabbath.

Its Monday morning, and the Lord, woke me up early to write today.  And out of -no-where, the subject came to my mind, and heart, to write about the Sabbath.  So, obedient, to my Lord, I will write.  No, ifs, no buts, I will just be obedient.  To His Holy Spirit.

To be honest with you, I cannot recall, ever hearing a sermon on the Sabbath.  But its in Gods word.  We always have to consider Gods word, even if people do not teach it.  Or share it from the pulpit.  We as Christians have a responsibility, to open up our Bibles.  And know Gods truth.  So, because I know God wants me to share it with you.  I want you to keep your heart open.

Now, I do pray, He gives me revelation.  But the first question, I ask.  Is it Saturday, or is it Sunday? My Bible, with its, Biblical terms, says this about the Sabbath.


As I write this, and I do a little research, all I know, first and foremost, is that the Sabbath is important to God.  Very important.  Theres a lot of mention of it, in the Holy Bible.

Our culture, even as I do research, in some ways, is nonchalant, on this subject.  And I am thinking to myself. They do not know God. This is an important day to God.  For God worked six days, and on the seventh day, he rested.  The six days, of creating life, creating the earth.   In Genesis Chapter 1, it talks about all the work God did.  But in Genesis 2:2, And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made.  And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it:  because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.  

In Exodus 20:8-11 it again, mentions the Sabbath.  Remember, the Sabbath to keep it holy.

So how do we keep the Sabbath Holy?  Isaiah 58:13  If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing any pleasure on MY Holy day; and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honorable, and shall honor him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words:  Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord, and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob, thy father:  for the mouth of the Lord, hath spoken it.

Now as Christians, we do not always observe, Jewish holidays.  And it is not my place, to live by the law, or to try to enforce it for that matter, since, the grace of Jesus Christ was extended to all of us. Christ told us he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

But again, I cannot help and see, how important it is to God.  I don’t know your schedule.  I don’t know when you work.  But what I feel a prompting to say, is that time, needs to be taken to spend with God.  One day out of the week.  For me, it is everyday, every moment that I breathe.  Yet, I cannot deny and see, that God is saying….Spend a day with me.  Rest.  Let me bless you….

Whether it is Sunday, or whether it is the Sabbath.  I cannot judge.  Or tell any one, you must do this….or whatever.  But what I do see…is that, the word of God says the….SABBATH.

More and more, society, gets away from the things of God.  Traditions, rituals, his word…..I don’t want to make this about religion.  But again, about relationship with God.  If Sunday, is your day of rest.  Then time, should be set aside, to seek God. To read your Bible, to make an effort, to honor God.  To pray….

But Saturday, is the Sabbath, it is the day, God called.  He did not make a mistake.  And it just makes me want to honor it.  

I just sense this in my heart.  Especially, because Sunday, is the day, that we usually attend church.  Now this last Sunday, we did not go to church, for personal reasons. But usually we do.  Going to church, going to worship God, is so important to me, and my husband, and son.  We need fellowship with other believers, and we need to hear a good word from God.  And so, even though, we did not go to church this last Sunday.   I did watch a Christian live feed, of a church service. 

And as I write this, this is not so much, as to whether or not you go to church, you should go….But what I want to reflect this more to be is seeing Gods heart.  To want to spend time with him….on whatever day, you feel led from God.  Besides going to church.

And as I do, reflect on this, I just kept thinking, how on Sunday, there are so many sports shows, and Sunday, is known to be a time, when people go to sports events etc.

I just feel in my heart, that its not that God, does not want you to have fun.  But He wants us to honor him. He wants us to seek him.  He wants us to obey him.  He wants us to know, how important time is with him.  A refreshing.  A time, to reflect on his goodness, his love, his creation.  What does it say to him….when we don’t take that time to honor him?  Or the priority is a game, or a family outing whatever, but we don’t take time for him.  There is a lot to address here, going to church, reading your Bible, seeking just him.  In this day, would bring significance, not only to God, but to ourselves individually.  

But the Sabbath….It would be a discipline, but one, that would be good for the soul, one that would honor God.  Do you see, what I am trying to say?

I guess, I am trying to express, in my heart, that I sense, his sadness, that we do not honor Father.  My Lord, and God.  Your Lord and God.  The creator of heaven and earth.  The giver of life.

When we do not honor a day of spending time with just him.  Whether it is the Sabbath, Saturday, or Sunday.  Taking time, to rest, like he did.  But, taking time, to honor him, and love him.  From maybe sacrificing things you would normally do on Sunday, or the Sabbath.  Just for him.  Just because you really do love him.   I mean think about it…..  When you love someone, truly love someone, don’t you want to please him?

He has made it so clear in his Holy word, how much He loves us.  That He sent his son to die for our sins.  The least we can do, is try to live a life worthy, of his sacrifice.  A good life, a clean life, a holy life.  Not choosing our ways, but his ways…I guess, what I am really trying to do here, in “Just My Thoughts” is inspire you to think about it as well.

To think about what pleases God.  To think about how obedience, is better than sacrifice.  To think about, your own life.  We all have room to grow, myself included.  We all have choices, as well.  He is so good to us.  I just want to be in a position, where I please him.  I am so grateful.  And I write this, not to condemn anyone, or to pass judgment, but to see, that I know, from his word.  That He wants us to keep the Sabbath Holy, a day to observe, the work He did for us.  By refraining, from doing work on a Holy day.  By keeping it holy.  By not polluting it, or choosing our ways.

Its clear.  All you have to do is really read His word, and you get a sense, of how important it is to God. If it is important to him.  I want it to be important to me.  All I know, as I grow, and mature, in Christ, and as I get older.  Things that I once thought were important, they are not.  Because the perspective, is from the world.

I seek the Kingdom, of God, and His righteousness.  And all things are added to me.  To be a better person, to change, to grow…..As I close, these are only my thoughts.  But, I so want to inspire people, to know our Lord.  How great He is.  And if setting a day aside.  Is his will, then I want to do it for him.  Because I love him.

To be honest with you, even as I close this.  I see, how both days, Saturday and Sunday, the sabbath is important to God.  The weekend.  It should be holy unto God.  And to get more specific.  The whole week should be holy and dedicated to God.  No matter what.  It should be.  I pray it will be to honor my Father, and Lord.

But let us think about the Sabbath.  It is a choice, that he made a commandment.

Just my Thoughts, with Love,

Elena Ramirez

Exodus 32:13  Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying Verily My sabbaths Ye shall keep:  for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.

A Prayer of Honor….

My Father, who I adore, and love, I thank you for bringing this to my attention, to write.  I know this is on your heart, because it just came to me, out of no-where.  No real reason, but your reason.  And that makes all the difference to me.  Lord, it is not my place to enforce law, or to make people feel uncomfortable, by judging them, or to act like I am better than others.  Because I am not.  And you are not a respecter of persons.  And the devil, we know, is the accuser of the brethern.  I don’t accuse anyone.  Especially when I see my own faults, my own errors.  But I see by your word, how important the Sabbath is to you.  I do not want to go against your word.  Even as I express “Just My Thoughts” but I do pray for the mind of Christ, and the grace, to do your will.  Thank you for bringing it to my attention.  I pray to honor you in this way.  And this day….In Jesus name.  Amen

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