IMG_4575.jpgI feel led to write about communication.  With one another, with God, with others, and as a Christian, I feel I am more indebted to try and communicate.

Most of my problems I have had in life, or with others, are due to not getting communication.  Where things may seem to be fuzzy, or where someone, may take the incentive, but will do something and not communicating.  Or where something is assumed.  

Or where I was expected to do something, but I did not know.  So because communication was not reinforced, things fell through, or did not get accomplished.  

Its so vital, to communicate, and I think thats why I have since, an early age, tried to articulate my thoughts, actually by writing them down, and communicate through writing, because I have not always been confident, or been a great orator.  But that changed when I began writing my thoughts, as a reference.  So I overcame that to build up my self esteem.

In business, I learned to document my thoughts, and situations, because you need a back up sometimes.  To determine, what was communicated, and if it was not, then I had my notes to refer to.  To show, this was what was communicated.  

I used to work for the phone company.  And I used to joke to some, that the phone company, was responsible for providing great phone service to others, for having the tool as the phone. But inside the ranks of the company, there were times, communication was not available, and things were not understood, and the protocol, for even sharing information was difficult.  To receive or share.  Whose who?   Who do I need to contact, to communicate with?

Recently, I have had situations arise, where communication was vague, or where someone, actually did not communicate with me, and misunderstandings did occur. And I am not going to give the enemy fuel, if I remain silent.  I have my part.  And I see how the enemy can only come to destroy, when communication is not available. 

I have a neighbor, who just recently overstepped, her authority in a matter, because she did not communicate a problem with us, and tried to rectify a problem on her own, concerning our fence.  If she had only come to us, and stated there was a problem with the fence, and asked for our assistance, we would have been glad, to help.  Or, if she had asked for permission.  But she did neither, and now consequently, the situation has gotten so bad, by her lack of communication, that we are at odds with each other.  And its sad.  

With my friends, who I love dearly, things like that can also occur, if one person, is assuming something, but the communication is not clear, feelings can get hurt.

Or with family.  Who I love dearly.  With my hubby, or son, we often have little powwows, so we can get to the root of a problem but we communicate, so we all understand each other.  And I will just say here, everyone, needs that, to feel important or understood.  Then we pray to God, because we always need to communicate to our Lord.

So I try, really hard to communicate.  And I also ask for feedback, to see if my message was conveyed, and understood.  When one does not make the effort to do that, things, can fall through the cracks.  

I really feel like God is telling us, we have a responsibility to communicate.  Is it easy?  Not always.  Confrontation, can make it seem like war.  But the enemy would rather have us shut up, then to communicate.  Even if I do not agree with someone, I so appreciate, the effort when communication is presented.  It helps.  

But when someone goes silent, its mind boggling, because you just don’t know.  So yes, I can be bold, and confront, if I need communication in a matter.  Some things, to be honest, I don’t want to know, but if I am included in a matter, to do something, yes communicate with me.  Its a service we do for one another, but it takes two parties to do it.

I am pretty fair, when I know the facts, but its so frustrating, if you are put on the spot, yet someone did not say, or communicate, this is what I expect.  These are the rules.

Life is funny, and people like to do their own thing but do we really look as well to see, what God says?  Not man, but God, first.  I love my King James bible, because Gods Holy word, is there to give me answers.  God has done His part by communicating and giving us His Holy word.  And I just will say it here, He does not give us something only to think about but if its there, its a commandment.  But He provides, always.  

….Answers to why things happen, but also what God expects.  Sometimes you have to connect the dots, but communicating with God, is so important.  Prayer.  He is the King of Kings, He established His thoughts, but if I want answers I have to talk to Him, I have to search my Bible, I have to see and examine my part and heart in this matter.  Do I communicate, did I communicate my part effectively?

And with others.  Sometimes, I have to apologize. Or repent, and to God, I need to do this often.  Practically every day, because I am not perfect.  In communication.  Sometimes, I have to say, I failed to understand your thoughts, so I reacted this way.

But when someone does not apologize or communicate as well, it is frustrating to say the least.  When I have communicated, but the communication was not returned.  Or understood.  

Maybe thats why I am writing this.  Because communication is so important.  But it is a two way street.  One cannot just communicate, and work at something, while someone does not offer communication in return.

Well, I hope this brings insight, like I say, I am an opened book in many ways, and there are some things I don’t spill the beans about, or blab or communicate about, because it could be misunderstood, but if I try to be honest, and truthful with others and God, it does seem to make things easier.  

Communication always has to be worked out.  

This is what the Bible says about this.  I am glad it does.  Because more then anything I want to please my Lord.  Thank you…Father.  




Blessings, and love,


Elena Ramirez 


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